A Helpful Automatic Cat Feeder Review

It would always seem to appear that cats don’t need that much love and attention from their person as much as dogs. It may be true to some degree but that doesn’t mean cats are okay to be left alone. Trust us, they do feel happy when their human is around and gets stressed out whenever they leave. Some even get separation anxiety when their owner skips town. Aside from their well-being, it is also another thing to worry about whether the cats are feeding right. Primarily, this is solved by automatic feeders. But whether which one is the most efficient, an automatic cat feeder review should have the answer.

Fortunately, caring for your feline has become more sophisticated these days which led to the creation of an automatic pet feeder. These are the products that this automatic cat feeder review will discuss further.

  • Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder
  • Arf Pets Automatic Cat Feeder
  • Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder
  • SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder

There are several benefits of having an automatic cat feeder other than feeding your cat when you’re gone. But, although this undoubtedly serves its purpose, human interaction with your cat is still necessary for their health. That also means a pet sitter is needed when you have to leave your feline friend for a while. 

These are what pet owners have to say with their automatic cat feeders.

Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder


Food Anxiety

According to a cat owner’s automatic cat feeder review, both her and her cat were saved by this product. She shared how her pet used to be an  overweight cat due to a severe case of food anxiety. She learned that the cat’s previous owner had other cats in the house that would not let her eat so the anxiety developed and progressed. That has gone unnoticed for a long time so she’d consume the food as fast as she could for the fear of being hungry again. Having other cats and dogs in her new home only worsens the situation. 
However, the discovery of Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder has made drastic changes. It didn’t take long for the cat to figure out that she can trust the machine not to make her go hungry again by providing a proportioned meal in a  timely manner. She now takes the time to nibble her food and because the serving is measured, she doesn’t over indulge in her meal. The cat is much calmer and her anxiety is slowly diminishing.

Peaceful Sleep

In addition, the owner of the said cat has been getting peaceful sleep since her pet didn’t need to wake her up early in the morning, screaming for her food. The automatic cat feeder does it for her. 

On another story, for working cat mommy or cat daddy who are used to feeding their cat pet early in the morning from Mondays to Fridays, doing the same routine on weekends can be challenging especially if you want to sleep in. Having a pet feeder can save you from that. 



Despite the efficient pros mentioned, this product has a minor downside that this automatic cat feeder review ought to mention. Apparently, its size is big enough to be noticeable in a room, quite disturbing your home’s aesthetics. However, this size makes it resistant to getting knocked off by a dog or for some reason a raccoon.

Arf Pets Automatic Cat Feeder


Simple and Convenient

Any automatic cat feeder review is likely to point out the enjoyment that comes with the screen used to set up Arf Pets Automatic Cat Feeder. It is simple which is ideal for owners of cats that need different portions of food per feeding. The screen is also covered so you won’t have to worry for your cats having a go on it. It operates with an AC plug as well as batteries which keeps it going during power outages. It is tightly sealed so your cat or even critters can’t smell the food inside for them to rummage.


One of its fun features is the recording that goes off thrice per feeding. So, when your cat is far from the feeder, the recording calls for it, three times to make sure your cat hears it. If you are a light sleeper, this may be a downside feature of this machine. It is, however, optional, so if you have a small apartment, you won’t be needing it for the sound of the food dropping to the tray would be enough for your cat to run towards it. Apart from that, another great feature is the beep that notifies you if the feeder has no food anymore. 


Meal Setting

Although the setting serves 4 meal times only, it doesn’t work for one meal only. Its chamber is designed to be kept full. The rudder doesn’t reach the bottom far enough to push the food to the exit. This makes the feeder ideal for everyday use but no more than that unless you have a pet sitter to refill it while away. If you are planning to use this feeder with 2 cats, you might need to look for a bigger tray to replace the original since it is small. 

Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder



Smart Feature

The product’s highlight in this automatic cat feeder review is its ability to be controlled remotely via phone. Yes, there is an app you can install where you can modify your feeding settings and send notification, too. One owner had a back up bowl full of cat food prepared so his cat didn’t eat what was on the automatic feeder. The machine stopped feeding after it noticed the bowl still had food in it and prompted the owner via text. It resumed its regular operation soon as the bowl was emptied. The crème de la crème is the camera where you can monitor your cat, record videos and even take photos.



To err is human, and so does technology. You may encounter difficulty in connecting the device to your phone or WiFi, which is caused by a variety of factors. If so, apply the basic troubleshooting steps. Also, keep in mind that not all Iseebiz models have cameras in them. Make sure to clarify if a camera is available before ordering.

SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder


Special Diet

There has been a lot of thought put into when SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder was made. Aside from overweight cats, we also can’t turn our heads away from underweight cats. Feeding skinny cats is already a workload itself, let alone feeding it with food-obsessed cats surrounding it. This is where this feeder comes in handy. It is specially designed to cater the needs of cats that require prescription food or simply slow eaters. Your skinny cat can leave its food, and the feeder will cover it so other cats can’t dish on it. So when a skinny cat returns at its will, the food stays intact. The feeder only opens to the cat the chip was programmed into. 


Other Cats with Perseverance

Although the feeder is designed for 1 cat only, this doesn’t keep other cats, or dogs for that matter, from lunging in it just to get a bite or two. When this was created, they didn’t really put into consideration the perseverance of other pets in the household. But this has been addressed since reported with a back cover. Still, never underestimate a strong appetite with determination.

Related Questions

What do I need to consider before getting an automatic feeder for my cat?

There are plenty of automatic feeder designs available in the market, but the basis of your decision should always depend on the need of your cat. Factors such as how often it needs to be fed if it’s on a special diet if it’s overweight if you have other pets in the house and how much you are willing to pay. The price can be a hard pill to swallow if you wish to buy from top picked brands, but they are certainly for a reason.

Are automatic feeders ideal for all cat owners?

It is highly recommended. Other owners may find it laughable to spend that much for something you can do, but you won’t realize the magnitude of its benefits until you get yourself one. Automatic feeder isn’t just useful when you’re out of town, but also in your everyday life. 

Owning a pet takes a certain level of commitment. They need to be looked after, trained, monitored, and cared for. That is why we highly suggest having pets when you’re ready and really want one, not just simply for the sake of having one. Especially now, with the hype of animals starring on social media, everybody just wants to think they need to have one. Regardless of what animals you keep as a pet, they all need to be taken care of from the moment they were born until they grow.

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