Benefits of Automatic Animal Feeders

Whether for-profit or for personal interest, raising animals, in general, requires good feeding management. Not only does it keep their stomachs filled, but it also contributes to optimum wellbeing. Therefore, we should make it a point to keep our animals fed regularly. And since we cannot always watch and be there around the clock for them, sometimes it becomes a burden. But today, it does not necessarily have to be so. We are now relieved of this as one of the benefits of automatic animal feeders.

In the main, the benefits of automatic animal feeders cover those that are both for us and our animals. For our animals, they are mostly in the health aspect. For one, automatic feeders are efficient in controlling and managing the weight of animals. This is as we avoid feeding them once a day in bulky amounts of food. Besides, they can also get improved digestive health and can get rid of multiple illnesses caused by over and underfeeding.

Moreover, automatic animal feeders benefit us mostly by providing us great convenience. With them, we can lessen the labor of constantly measuring and serving food and washing food trays often. Aside from that, we are free from guilt when we are not around with our animals to take care of and feed them. This, while maintaining the food’s freshness even for a long time. We can also make sure that our animals are equally fed and thriving by the control features of automatic feeders. Lastly, we can keep our floors from leftover food litter; thus, maintaining hygiene in our homes.

We keep animals for a variety of reasons, whether for profit, personal interest, and the like. However, as much as they benefit us, we should also return the benefit to them. We should invest some time and effort into taking care of them and feeding them specifically. It does not necessarily have to be too laborious, though. We can still save ourselves some of our time and effort using automatic animal devices and feeders.

Animal Health Benefits

Weight Control

Apparently, a lot of people confuse overfeeding as a good feeding habit. However, because animals can look cute fluffy does not mean that they are healthy. In fact, weight gain due to overfeeding can only lead to a host of health problems. These include diabetes and diseases in the heart, respiratory system, and kidney.

This is saying that we should control and manage the weight of our animals by good feeding management. Fortunately, it has been made convenient for us to do so as one of the benefits of automatic animal feeders. With these devices, we can set the regular amount of food that our animals will get during meals. Aside from that, they make a supposedly big meal into a lot of several small ones. This will help improve digestion, prevent animal tummies from bloating, and prevent animals from vomiting.

Improved Digestive Health

As mentioned, it is more efficient to feed animals a few times per day in small amounts. Chiefly, it is because it means that we are avoiding providing them food in bulks. We should not feed our animals in bulks, as it may cause them bloating and vomiting. However, when we feed them a few times in small amounts per day, they will slowly eat the little food they are provided. This will allow them to enjoy the full nutritional value of the food from their chewing and digesting. Beyond that, they will be able to perform well and be active if they have proper digestion.

However, this suggests that we should be present a few times per day as well to do the feeding manually. Luckily though, we do not necessarily have to do that anymore. This while keeping our animals’ digestion well and improved as benefits of automatic animal feeders.

Success in Wellbeing

Automatically, when we speak of automatic feeders, we associate it with the absence of our manual labor. Ironically, as they ease us from effort, they will keep our animals busy the few times they dispense food. This is among the benefits of automatic animal feeders. They provide animals with something to do so that they do not get bored for long hours. This is especially helpful for house pets that do not have a lot of space to play around and items to play with.

Beyond that, it allows us to keep our animals well-fed even in our absence. We are assured that they will have their stomach filled no matter what. Therefore, they will not suffer from hunger and will not go in a depressive mood. It is just like our concept of “hangry” or “hungry plus angry”. Animals may bully other animals if there are any. Otherwise, or if they are alone, they will start showing signs of feeling under the weather.

Riddance of Sickness

Animals can get sick for a lot of causes, including bad weather, and poor sanitation and feeding management. The latter, for one, has several consequences. First, it can cause our animals to get sick by the lack of nutrition they get from poor feeding management. Second, they can get bored and be in a depressive mood, which may later manifest with physical weakness. And third, the animals may endure eating stale food that is stocked for them, which can affect the gut.

However, with automatic animal feeders, we can manage the frequency of food dispensing for several meals a day. As mentioned, the small food during the frequent meals is to be enjoyed as well as its nutritional value. Also, they can be kept busy and not bored as they look forward to the next meal for the day. The food as well never goes stale as it is kept sealed in the food containers with automatic dispensers. This feature also helps in sanitation as well as the food measuring feature. This is because automatic feeders only dispense the exact amount of food that animals are sure to finish. This will keep the food from being played with and scattered around our homes.


Routine Establishment

Of course, feeding our animals demands a few specific bullets in our daily to-do list. However, there will be times when we cannot stick to the indicated times in our planners due to other obligations. This means as well that there will be times when our animals will be fed late or not at all in a day. Worse is if it lasts longer than a day. This is of greater concern during holidays, when we go busy throughout the day, or when we go on vacation.


Luckily though, as one of the benefits of automatic animal feeders, we can stick to our feeding routines. Apparently, even the most ordinary automatic feeder units can be programmed to dispense food at regular times. In fact, some even allow us to set how many times a day and when exactly do we want to feed our animals. Therefore, we are given relief at the thought that our animals will never have empty stomachs. We can have peace of mind thinking how, even in our absence, our precious pets are taken care of.

Maintained Food Freshness

Animal food, like human food, can also go stale with improper storage facilities. Without proper ventilation, the food might develop moisture within their containers if close to water sources. This will dampen the food causing it to spoil and no longer suitable for feeding. However, if it is placed outdoors and is too vented, it will thus be exposed to too much air. The results of this include contamination and change in texture, probably either softer or harder.

With automatic animal feeder units, we can avoid placing a lot of food into animal trays to last them an entire day. The tendency for when we do this is that we are only placing food with leftovers. This is because animals can be picky at times, as well. If they feel that the food is no longer fresh, they will reject eating it. Thus, with automatic feeders, the food for every meal is guaranteed fresh as they are kept sealed while not dispensed yet.

Restricted Food Access

There are several occasions when an animal establishes dominance over others in a group. They will bully the others by exerting aggressiveness and owning the entire food ration for themselves. The bullied animals, as a result, may experience starvation and be prone to malnutrition. For house pets, this is naturally heartbreaking. But for the animals that are raised for profit, this will cause poor performance from the oppressed animals.

However, we can remedy these tendencies with automatic animal feeders. Actually, there are high-end feeder units that can be programmed so that we can control which animal gets the food. This is not only helpful for animals in a group, but also for those that have a prescription diet. It is very convenient for us in the sense that we are required less labor in preparing multiple trays of food. Also, the seals in the feeders help keep the food from insects and bugs as well.

Full Night Sleep

This benefit is for those who are keeping animals or pets inside their homes. It is not uncommon that cats or dogs crash in our bedrooms when they want attention or food. Yes, we can lock them out so that they cannot get on our beds to shove us off to our feet. However, doesn’t it make us guilty to do that? Also, the animals might still keep emitting noise perhaps outside our bedroom door, if not, wait sadly by their trays. 

With automatic animal feeder units, we can avoid having our sleep interrupted by our little companions. Also, we are relieved of the guilt of locking them out of our door just because they can get hungry at 5 am. We can also keep them calm and satisfied, starting early in the morning for a great full day ahead. We only need to set our feeders’ timers that enable us to control when we want them to dispense food. Then, our pets will go straight to their feeders instead of crashing in our rooms at dawn.

Effort- and Time-Saving

Saving us a lot of effort and time comprise the majority of the benefits of automatic animal feeders to us. Apparently, manual feeding is more than just placing food in a tray for a waiting pet. It actually requires us to measure the amount of food that gets in the tray each time. For multiple animals, of course, it means that we have to “measure and place” food more than just once. Aside from that, a food tray has the tendency to get trashed by the animals. This happens with or without food inside. Therefore, it will require us to wash the object often to maintain its cleanliness for the next feeding.

However, we can save a lot of time and effort with automatic feeders. Apparently, we can program them so that they dispense a specific measurement of food each scheduled time. Also, we can program them so that every animal that needs feeding can get their share of food daily. This is in case there are animals that tend to dominate and bully other members of the group. In line with groups, automatic feeders also save us the time and effort for washing and maintaining several food trays.

Improved Space Hygiene

Without automatic animal feeders, we are required to measure every time the amount of food that goes in the tray. However, measuring the food a few times in a day just feels taxing at times and unnecessary. That is why, sometimes, we skip the step and immediately rely on guts as we put food on food trays. The tendency with relying on our guts, however, is that the food may be too little or too much. But the latter will be of greater concern to us as there will be a possibility of leftovers.

The thing with leftovers is that the animals are likely to play with them. This means that the food is likely to end up scattered around the house, inviting bugs and insects in. This, in return, will ask of us to keep cleaning our floors, which we sometimes just cannot afford to do. However, with automatic feeder units, we can prevent the tendency of leftover food. They will do the measurement for us, so we are guaranteed of the accuracy. Therefore, we are guaranteed as well that our floors will be kept clean.

Related Questions

What do we need to consider when investing in automatic animal feeder units?

First of all, we need to consider size when we invest in automatic animal feeder units. A big community of animals, of course, will require a big capacity automatic feeder unit. However, it does not necessarily mean that we need to choose the big ones all the time. The thing is, we should go too extra on this. There is a possibility that a big feeder will store food for such a long time that the food might turn sour. Therefore, as long as it can accommodate the number of animals to feed, we can invest in small feeders first.

Next is ventilation. Inadequate air circulation in food containers can cause the food to dampen and to spoil after a long time. This is especially true for automatic feeders for fish and/or aquariums as they are close to water. However, too much air exposure is not good as well. It will expose the food to contaminants, which can be toxic to the animals. Also, the food texture and flavor might change as well after a long exposure to open air. When all these happen, the animals may reject eating the food. This means that we are only signing up for buying animal food that is only going to the trash.

What is the disadvantage of automatic animal feeder units?

Automatic animal feeders are mostly battery-powered if not electricity-powered. When battery-powered, it means that we are required to be attentive when to charge the batteries. Otherwise, our animals might run out of food due to dead-bat, supposedly automatic food dispensers. Also, after at least three months, the batteries can totally die out. This means that we will have to buy new ones, and thus, spend a bit more money depending on the changing frequency.

Other than that, the feeders are likely to break down as well after a long time of serving our animals. Not only are the batteries likely to die out, but the feeder system itself as well. And unfortunately, they are not as cheap as manual food trays. Thus, we will have to spend a bit of money to buy a new one in exchange for the old un-working one. But relative to the multiple benefits they offer, spending some paper bills should not be too much of a burden. The real burden is investing a few bullets on our to-do list just specifically for feeding our animals.

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