Best Automatic Cat Waterers

Cats can sometimes be finicky water drinkers. Apparently, this trait can be traced back to their ancient ancestors, who used to mostly get their water from preying. However, at present, our house cats cannot really prey on mice and other rodents anymore. Therefore, we really do need to sustain their need for water to prevent dehydration. One way to do this is to keep supplying their water bowls with clean and fresh drinking water. But since we can be too busy to do it constantly, we can use the help of automatic cat waterers. In this article we will look at the best automatic cat waterers .

automatic cat waterers

The best automatic waterers for cats not only serve us simply by supplying water for our pets. Apparently, many designs already serve us some quiet times at home with their low noise water pumps. Also, they make our labor significantly less with their large capacities for less frequent refills. But beyond that, they should greatly supply our cats with pure and filtered water. Luckily, most of the automatic pet waterer designs now have activated carbon filters. These are the best automatic waterers for cats with these features:

1. PetSafe Healthy Cat Water Station 

2. Catit Flower Cat Waterer

3. isYoung Cat Water Fountain

4. PetKit Cat Water Fountain 

5. PetSafe Drinkwell Cat Water Fountain

6. Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain

7. Cat Mate Water Fountain

8. PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Water Fountain

9. FluffyPal Automatic Pet Waterer

10. Drinkwell 360 Water Fountain

11. PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat Water Fountain

12. URPOWER Pet Water Fountain

These days, as mentioned, our house cats do not really get enough water from preying anymore. In fact, they typically are only fed with dry food, which contains only about 6 to 10 percent of moisture. That is why it is very important that we supply them with water in its purest form. And since they can sometimes be finicky, we should make sure that the water is always fresh. This is why we need automatic cat waterers since we cannot keep water fresh in a large open basin.

What do we need to consider when choosing the best automatic waterers for cats?

The point of purchasing automatic cat waterers primarily is to keep our cats hydrated. They are very helpful, especially when we are typically busy throughout the day at work. Not only that, they give us less chores when we get home tired from our engagements. In line with that, it is best if an automatic cat waterer should also not make too much noise. It is also a plus if they have non-slip base so the cats cannot move them and spill water. And aside from that, these are our major considerations in choosing the best automatic cat waterers.

Water Capacity

Although cats do not drink that much water, we still need to ensure that they get enough of it. Thus, we need to consider how much water a waterer can hold depending on how many cats we have to water. Of course, the more cats we have, the bigger the waterer needs to be. Also, more is always better than less. We have to make sure that all of our cats get all the needed hydration every day.

Style and Design

This is less of the aesthetics than it is to suit our cats’ needs. Apparently, with the many designs available, not all of it can encourage our cats to drink more water. Also, it seems that cats have their preferences. As we observe them sometimes drinking from toilets, it does not mean that they drink just any water. In fact, as mentioned, they are finicky drinkers and do not like to drink stale water. The reason that they drink from the toilet is that they like water that is not stagnant. 

Therefore, we should consider a design that does not look like the water is stagnant. Probably, a free-falling stream could be a nice option.


Always check the label before buying a waterer for cats. To protect your pet from harmful chemicals, make sure the plastic reads BPA-free. You should also make sure that the waterer has an active carbon filter to remove nasty odors and tastes.

Though more expensive, stainless steel and ceramic automatic cat waterers are better choices. For our convenience, we can choose those that are easy to access from the material. This is as we will need to replace it every now and then.

Best Automatic Waterers for Cats

PetSafe Healthy Cat Water Station 

In terms of capacity, PetSafe PFD17-11855 has a large one that can release enough water to last over a day. To be more accurate, the amount of water it can hold is about a gallon. Also, this automatic waterer’s construction is made of durable material. The water bowl, in particular, has a lock-in reservoir that is made of sturdy plastic. The bowl itself, on the other hand, is made of a stainless steel finish. This significantly keeps our cats safe by preventing the development of bacteria in the waterer unit.

Moreover, speaking of bacteria, this unit can be cleaned easily and is dishwasher friendly. We can put the stainless steel water bowl in the dishwasher and wash it with hot water. It is important that we use hot water for proper sanitation each time we take it to wash.

Highlighted Features:

  • One gallon water capacity
  • BPA-free lock-in water reservoir
  • Stainless steel water bowl
  • Dishwasher safe


Around $20

Catit Flower Cat Waterer

The Catit Flower cat waterer is a fountain of flowing water. Therefore, it will appeal to our cats’ eyes and will encourage them to drink water. Also, not only does this unit appeal to our pets’ eyes, but also to ours. As much as it functions in taking care of our pets’, it is also as good-looking as a home décor. This is as it looks sweet with its flower-spout design and sleek base.

However, beyond that, the unit is built with filters that remove the impurities of the water for our cats’ safety. The simple movement of the water as well keeps the water clean to prevent the breeding of bacteria. The plastic material, on one hand, is BPA-free, so our cats do not drink water with a harmful chemical. And significantly, the fountain softens the water, so drinking will only be an enjoyable experience for our cats.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water fountain
  • BPA-free plastic material
  • Water-softening


Around $28

isYoung Cat Water Fountain

The isYoung cat water fountain is also a great option and an alternative to the traditional water bowl. The design of this unit makes it hard to be filled with debris and bacteria. Also, it has a filter with activated carbon that filters the water to keep it totally clean. In terms of capacity, it can hold up to 56 ounces of water. This much can last a single cat an entire day of freshwater while we are out for work. And as we arrive home after a long day, we can rest peacefully as the unit does not make loud noises.

Moreover, in terms of design, this unit comes in a flower spout one as well. This design makes it not too harsh on our home aesthetic. But beyond that, it is visually appealing not only to us but also to our cats. This feature allows our cats to get drawn in and be encouraged to drink more water. The flowing fountain of water also makes drinking a fun experience for them.

Highlighted Features:

  • With activated carbon filter
  • 56-ounce water capacity
  • Minimal noise


Around $20

PetKit Cat Water Fountain 

This cat water fountain is designed to be unique, stylish, and sleek. Aside from that, it has a circulation system that helps keep the water clean, hygienic, and healthy for cats. To be more specific, it has a quadruple filtration system. This involves an activated carbon and water loop pulp filter, ion exchange resin, and fur-proof mesh. All these are built-in to purify the water and to remove dirt, hair, and food particles. Additionally, it is embedded with smart LED lights indicator for when we need to replace the filter. Also, it has a pump that automatically shuts off as soon as it senses that there is not enough water.

For our convenience, on the other hand, this PetKit cat water system has a silent pump. This means that we can enjoy peace and quiet while it keeps hustling to provide our cats with clean water. It also has a smart mode that adjusts the water stream automatically to conserve power. With smart mode, this waterer only uses about 1KW-h in 3 months.

In the main, this water fountain can hold up to 2 liters of water that is free from harmful chemicals. This is as the materials of the item are FDA approved ABS materials.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quadruple filtration system
  • Smart LED lights filter indicator
  • Automatic turn-off, silent pump
  • Power conserving Smart Mode
  • 2-liter water capacity


Around $32

PetSafe Drinkwell Cat Water Fountain

The PetSafe water fountain is not only great for cats, but also for pets of all sizes as well. It can also work with any number of pets at home as it has a large capacity of about 1.3 gallons. It also has a built-in water reservoir that increases the unit’s capacity. Also, it extends the time when we have to refill our fountain, although it is already a large capacity. Aside from that, we can guarantee that the water we provide our pets is clean and safe. Its replaceable carbon water filter removes bad odors and tastes.

Moreover, this water fountain is BPA-free, speaking of safety. It also provides us with more convenience in the matter of cleaning. This is as the unit can be washed in the top shelf dishwasher safely.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1.3 gallon water capacity
  • Built-in water reservoir
  • Replaceable carbon water filter
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe


Around $47

Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain

This is just among the best stainless steel automatic cat waterers. The material makes it really stylish and modern, unlike the conventional pet water bowls. Also, the stainless steel finish prevents the buildup of bacteria that can potentially infect our cats. Aside from that, it has a replaceable charcoal filter that gets rid of all bad tastes and odor.

Moreover, the circulating water mechanism of this waterer will lure our cats to keep drinking water. And on the whole, the unit has a capacity of at least 60 to 90 ounces of water. This is large enough to reduce our time from constantly visiting the unit for refills. Also, the unit is dishwasher safe, which is allowed for by the stainless steel finish.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Replaceable charcoal filter
  • Circulating water mechanism
  • 60 to 90 ounce water capacity
  • Dishwasher safe


Around $44

Cat Mate Water Fountain

This Cat Mate waterer is perfect for when we have multiple cats at home. It is designed with multiple heights so that there are a number of options or methods to drink. Also, this unit comes with a ramp that will help prevent water splashes and spills. Then, it will be easy for us not to wipe or clean constantly every single time that our cats drink.

In addition, the unit comes with a special water pumping system that works silently. Therefore, we can enjoy quiet times at home without worrying about whether our cats are hydrated. Also, in terms of water quality, this unit has a special polymer and activated carbon filters. Thus, the water stays pure, safe, and clean for our cats to drink.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-height design
  • Anti-splash ramp
  • Silent pump
  • Polymer and activated carbon filter


Around $29

PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Water Fountain

This water fountain has a mechanism that constantly circulates and filters water. This makes for fresher and cleaner water than ordinary water bowls. Also, its capacity is up to 70 ounces of water in an easy to clean ceramic material. The ceramic material, in particular, is also great aesthetically that it can add more visual elements to our homes. Moreover, the unit has dual free-falling streams that aerate the water. This feature makes up for fresher water as well as encourages our cats to drink more water.

Additionally, this automatic cat waterer unit provides us with more convenience in the aspect of cleaning. For one, it disassembles easily so that its parts can fit easily inside the dishwasher. And yes, it is dishwasher safe so we can easily sanitize it with hot water. The pump, however, cannot be in the dishwasher.

The mechanism of this water fountain involves a low-voltage, submersible pump. Because of that, we can guarantee that the water system works as safe and quiet as we like. Also, the overall unit provides great quality water with its activated carbon and foam filter. The activated carbon gets rid of the bad odors and tastes. While the foam filter, on the other hand, catches hair and other debris. Lastly, the unit has upper and lower dishes for two drinking areas if we have two cats at home.

Highlighted Features:

  • Circulating water system
  • 70 ounce water capacity
  • Ceramic material
  • Free-falling streams
  • Low-voltage, submersible, silent pump
  • Activated carbon and foam filter
  • Two drinking levels


Around $84

FluffyPal Automatic Pet Waterer

The FluffyPal automatic pet waterer is great for all small pets, including cats. The unit is made up of a durable crate and bottle set that can last us a long time. The high-quality materials are also totally safe and are free of BPA. Thus, we can guarantee that our cats are only drinking water that is healthy and safe from harmful chemicals.

Moreover, this pet waterer has a large capacity of up to 1 gallon of water. It releases constant filtered water flow so that we do not keep refilling the dispenser. Also, the leak-proof dispenser is easy to refill when it gets to the time that the water has run out already. Additionally, the unit comes with an antimicrobial base that gets rid of the odor-causing bacteria from developing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Crate and bottle set
  • BPA-free
  • 1 gallon water capacity
  • Antimicrobial base
  • Easy refill

Drinkwell 360 Water Fountain

This Drinkwell 360 water fountain is great for pets of all sizes and any number with its 360 degrees feature. This means that we can water more than one cat with this item at hand. It has a capacity of up to 128 ounces of water, large enough so that we do not keep refilling it. Its mechanism has 1-5 free-falling streams that lure our finicky cats to drink more water. Also, it has a submersible pump so that it operates silently while we are catching on some rest at home. It also prevents our cats from moving the unit with its built-in rubber feet.

In addition, this water fountain guarantees a constantly good quality water to provide our cats. This is ensured by its replaceable carbon water filter that removes bad odors and tastes. Also, the water streams are customizable so that we can adjust the water flow using the flow control cap. It also allows for easier operation such that it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. And on the whole, the material is free of BPA to relieve us of the worry for dangerous chemicals.

Highlighted Features:

  • 360 degrees water fountain
  • 128 ounce water capacity
  • 1-5 free-falling streams
  • Submersible silent pump
  • Replaceable carbon filter
  • Adjustable flow control cap
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free


Around $39

PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat Water Fountain

This water fountain is probably among the most convenient automatic cat waterers for multiple cats. This is as it has a wide opening and multiple tiers to host multiple pets drinking at the same time. It is also uniquely rectangular in shape, unlike the mostly round design ones. The shape also adds up for greater water capacity of dispensed water. But on the whole, the capacity of this water fountain is about 100 ounces of water.

The mechanism of this waterer includes a free-falling stream that catches the attention of finicky cat drinkers. Not only does this encourage our cats to drink more water, but it also provides constantly fresh water. This is as the unit has a replaceable carbon water filter that removes the nasty tastes and odors. Moreover, as mentioned, this unit has two tiers or an upper and lower bowl. The upper bowl is great for senior pets, in case they suffer from arthritis due to old age.

In addition, the unit features a quiet operation due to its low-voltage submersible pump. Thus, it also serves us as much quiet as much as it serves our pets with fresh and safe water. And speaking of safety, the material for this unit is BPA-free and is easy to clean and sanitized. We can reduce our time and effort for cleaning it as it is top-shelf dishwasher safe.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-tier
  • 100 ounce water capacity
  • Replaceable carbon water filter
  • Low-voltage submersible pump
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe


Around $29

URPOWER Pet Water Fountain

As a lot of other models, the URPOWER pet water fountain also features a stylish design to suit our homes. But beyond that, it also serves great quality water for finicky cat water drinkers with its free-falling streams. Its capacity is about 51 ounces of water, which is specially designed for smaller pets and cats. The stream, in particular, can be adjusted using the adjustable water valve. This way, we can keep the supply of water last longer, and our power consumption reduced. Also, this unit is made of a material that is totally BPA free, so the supply of water is guaranteed safe.

Moreover, this waterer’s operation is generally quiet with its Ultra low noise AC Pump. This means that we can keep the unit turned on even while we sleep to keep our cats constantly hydrated. Also, we are given more convenience basically as soon as we purchase the unit. This is as it features easy installation and operation. And as easy it is to assemble, it is also as easy it is to disassemble to allow us easier cleaning. It is also, in fact, dishwasher safe, so our hands are relieved from manual cleaning or washing. 

Highlighted Features:

  • 51 ounce water capacity
  • Adjustable valve for water flow
  • Ultra low noise AC Pump
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Easy cleaning


Around $32

Related Questions

How do we know if our cats are dehydrated?

There are a lot of symptoms of dehydration for cats. For one, they may have loose skin. We can tell that they are dehydrated by pulling up a bit of their skin over their shoulders. Then, we have to release it back to normal positioning quickly. If they are dehydrated, the skin that has been pulled up will slide back more slowly. This test is called the “skin tent test.” However, this test is not always reliable as their fat and muscle under the skin may affect the “tenting.”

But aside from the skin tent test, we can tell dehydration in our cats visually. If they are dehydrated, then they are likely to have sticky gums and sunken eyes. They may also exhibit depression or lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting or diarrhea, and panting. Aside from that, we can check whether their heartbeat is beyond the normal rate. And lastly, we should monitor whether they are urinating less. If all that has been observed, then our cats are most likely dehydrated.

How can we treat cat dehydration?

We do not have to wait for our cats to show signs of dehydration to encourage them to drink more water. However, to answer the question, the best way to treat dehydration among cats is as mentioned. This is great enough if the dehydration is mild and that their organs are still working normally. But, if their condition is worse than that, then it is time that we consider going to the vet. It is also a great go-to solution if our cats have an underlying disease or dysfunction within their body systems.

Of course, the vet can determine the dehydration level of our cat. This will help us know how mild or how worse it is, so we know whether we can deal with it ourselves. The vet will help us get to the bottom of it as well so that we know exactly how to handle the matter. 

Aside from that, the vet can potentially prescribe “fluids” or a balanced electrolyte solution. This is as dehydration may be caused by electrolyte imbalances as well as abnormal water balance. The fluids may be administered depending on the dehydration level of the cats. For one, it can be administered subcutaneously or under the cats’ skin. Otherwise, it can be intravenously administered or directly into the cats’ vein.

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