Best Automatic Feeder with Camera

For most pet parents, looking after a pet on top of work responsibilities, family time, and personal errands is not at all easy. When you get stuck late at work or go on an overnight business trip, it is important to know that your pet is safe, secure, and well-fed. But how do you really keep your pet on schedule even when you are not physically present? How do you ensure that your pet will still benefit from your love and attention while you are away? Well, automatic feeders have now improved in functionality, and products such as an automatic feeder with camera bridges the gap when you cannot be home all day. 

automatic feeder with camera

With so many options on the market, choosing the best automatic feeder with camera can be a challenge. To help, this guide rounds up a selection of the best ones that take little time for your pet to get used to:

  • Petamo Smart Feeder
  • Feed And Go Smart Pet Feeder
  • Petnet Smart Feeder
  • Petzi Treat Cam
  • Petcube Bites Pet Camera
  • Gempet Smart Feeder
  • Furbo Treat-Tossing Camera
  • Petwant Smart Feeder
  • Wopet Timer Programmable Smart Feeder
  • Petdiary Automatic Smart Pet Feeder


A regular automatic feeder feeds your pet at programmed times of the day; however, an automatic feeder with camera takes feeding to the next level. Unlike regular automatic feeders, the ones with a camera allow you to monitor your pet’s feed intake at certain intervals and even get in touch with your pet via video link. Some models even provide you an additional option to shoot treats from a built-in launcher. Best of all, you can still do pet parenting through your smartphone while you are at work, store, or vacation spot. While automatic feeders with cameras are recommended by vets and pet experts, these handy little devices are no replacement for your love and care but rather aids that make pet parenting a lot less difficult.

Petamore Smart Feeder

This automatic feeder with camera is one of the great ones on the list. At first glance, Petamo Smart Feeder resembles closely to a trash can. It has got a massive hopper on top that can hold a total of 4.3 liters of feed. The bowl is quite large and is designed for advanced scheduling and automated feeding. Also, the tray is fully detachable so that you can replace it in case there is a need for an even larger one. 

You can connect this automatic feeder to your home WiFi network, and it will automatically establish an account through its remote servers. The way to access the service is to enter a username and a password on the Petamo site. Since logging in every single time can be time-consuming, install the free app on your iOS or Android phone so that there is no need for a constant log-in. Pet owners like this versatile feeder for the fact that they can connect to this feeder from any device connected to the internet. 

The most unique feeding option that this feeder offers is that it detects when a pet walks up to the food bowl and dishes outfeed. You can set how often feeding takes place so that your pet will neither become undernourished nor malnourished. Moreover, you can also set this automatic feeder to notify you every time your pet has been fed, as well as the quantity of feed consumed. Because this one is a hopper based feeder, it can only run on dry feed.

The built-in camera allows you to stream live video and take candid shots while your pet is feeding. This option is very handy if you have multiple pets at home, as you can track which one is not eating. There is an additional battery back-up that will take over in case the power dies out. The feeder will return to manual scheduled feeding if the network goes out, and the feeder will fill the bowl with as much food if the battery is about to die out.

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

If you want a great way to monitor your pet throughout the day, check out the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder. It comes in a minimalist design with a large plastic shell and a controllable motorized tray. Its unique feeding system gives you the opportunity to control when the foot tray should switch over and how many portions of feed should your pet get each feeding time. 

It is more than just a regular automatic feeder as it connects to all routers on the market. Setting it up is incredibly easy, and it takes only a minute to connect it to your home Wi-Fi network. It comes with a built-in webcam and an audio feature. This means that you can say hi to your pet over your smartphone from wherever you are. Feed and Go Smart has its free app that will run on virtually any smartphone available on the market, putting this model in demand. 

An interaction screen will automatically pop up once you open the screen. The screen is the area where you can activate the webcam, set feeding times, and speak into the microphone. It only takes one simple tap, and the food tray will be delivered. There is also an option to record your voice so you won’t have to up your phone and call your pet over each meal. In addition to that, this model features a chime play that you can set as the sound of mealtime.

Unlike other feeders that use a hopper, Feed and Go Smart Feeder uses a rotating tray that allows you to not only portion all the feed out in advance but also add medication in case needed.

PetNet Smart Feeder

Owners will love Petnet Smart Feeder for its unique features that make it a high-end product. Unlike the previous automatic feeder, this one has a very modern look. You can quickly identify that it’s not an ordinary pet feeder due to the stunning, sleek black lines and high-gloss feeder.

It uses any WiFi connection that operates on the 2.4G hz frequency. The only type of WiFi that will not work with this feeder is 802.11a, which is very uncommon for people to use these days. You can use Petnet Smart Feeder and access its unique features on an Android running KitKat or any iOS device running iOS 7.1 or higher. There is also a feed delivery control where you can have an appropriate feed delivered on your door. What makes this handy for those pets that require medication is that pet owners can choose the ingredients they want.

No other automatic feeder will give you the level of control as this model. Its hopper can carefully measure every portion of feed from sizes 1 cup to 1.5 cups. 

Petzi Smart Feeder

Another great automatic feeder with camera is Petzi Treat Cam. It is a remote treat dispenser and a camera in one. You can connect this feeder to your smartphone or tablet device. Simply tap the app to see, speak, and give treats to your pet while you are away. Another great feature of the app is that you can snap photos of your pet while feeding and then have an adorable content for social media posts. You can also share your pet’s snapshots with other users of this automatic feeder through its unique user’s social network.

Anyone should get this automatic feeder because it works exactly as promised. It offers a great camera with a video quality of 720p, which you can also use as a home security camera. This product is definitely reliable and offers outstanding customer support.

Pet Cube Bites Pet Camera

Petcube Bites Pet Camera is designed for pet owners in large homes. The camera is in 1080p HD with a wide viewing angle, which means that you can clearly see details of your pet while you are at work or while you are running an errand. This feeder can cater up to two pounds of feed and can deliver treats in varying distances. It is perfect for pet owners who want to have fun with pets through their smartphones.

Gempet Smart Feeder

Take your guesswork out of feeding your pets with the Gempet Smart Feeder. It offers a lot of features that you would look for in an automatic feeder. It will distribute food based on a predetermined schedule, and should the power get busted; an offline feeding mode will save the day. Your pet will never have to go hungry, and you are rest assured that he is fed with the appropriate amount. Generally, Gempet Smart Feeder is perfect for those who want to make sure that feed is evenly distributed throughout the day even when a connectivity emergency arises.

Furbo Treat-Tossing Camera

Looking for an automatic feeder with a camera that has everything you need? The Furbo Treat-Tossing Camera works best for you and your pet. It features a 720p HD video monitoring and night vision. What makes this automatic feeder a standout from other feeders is its bark alert option and high-quality video capability. The bark alert option lets you know when your pet is under distressed circumstances. Video storage is very efficient in keeping memorable moments with your pet. Additionally, Furbo Treat-Tossing Camera tosses treat upon your command via smartphone or tablet device. 

Petwant Smart Feeder

One of the high-rated automatic feeders is Petwant Smart Feeder. It is basically a feeder and a pet cam in one. It is complete with removable plastic bow, buttons, and light essentials. The 1MP camera resolution and 120-degree viewing angle make it a perfect device for checking up on your pet. After you set up the up, you are offered with two options- to check out the camera’s live feed or take a snapshot. The feeder is also equipped with a microphone and a speaker so that you can interact with your pet amidst the distance. In case of connection is lost or there is a power outage, Petwant Smart Feeder will automatically switch to battery power and continues the programmed feeding schedule.

Wopet Timer Programmable Smart Feeder

This unique automatic feeder with camera goes beyond meeting your essential requirements for an automatic feeder. Along with a 120-degree HD camera is an option to play-back recorded messages during mealtime. The hopper can hold up to 17 cups of feed. You can schedule feedings of different serving sizes at any time of the day as well as manual feeding should the need arise. With this level of control, your pet can follow regular and healthy eating habits.

Petdiary Automatic Smart Pet Feeder

Another solid option, the Petdiary Automatic Smart Pet Feeder, falls on the lower end of the price range. It offers similar features as other automatic feeders but for a lower price. It has a fairly large hopper, portion control, and removable feeding tray. As for technical details, everything about Petdiary Automatic Smart Pet Feeder is pretty standard. You can connect it with an iPhone or Android device. For modern houses, the streamlined look of this automatic feeder will suit the overall aesthetics of the surroundings.

Automatic feeders with cameras have different ways of operating as well as varying features. Therefore, do your homework before investing in one and factor in details like:


If your pet is kept alone in a room most of the time, he may suffer from extreme loneliness. With a camera, you can better keep your pet entertained by interacting with him and giving him treats. Furthermore, you can see to it that your pet gets the proper amount of feed for every meal.


Most automatic feeders with cameras need a WiFi connection in order to function. But, there are also products in the market that require you to reconnect to the WiFi every time it opens. Since this can be so much of a hassle, look for well-reviewed products that do not need to connect every now and then.

Audio and Video

While the latest automatic feeders have built-in cameras and screens so that you can look at your pet, not all have microphones. The best option is to shop for an automatic feeder that features both a clear camera and good sound and video quality. In this way, you can see, hear, and speak to your pet in convenience.

Monitoring Option

The monitoring option provides you the chance to snap photos and record funny moments with your pet. Some products are even voiced-automated and alert you if your pet has been eating or not. If you have not made up your mind yet on which product to choose, always put into consideration the monitoring feature.

Portion Control

The problem with the manual feeding system is that there are high chances of underfeeding and overfeeding in pets. As automatic pet feeders take over, you can set the appropriate portion of feed that suits your pet’s needs, and that portion will be released no more and no less. It is recommended that you consider buying the automatic feeders that suggest portions based on age, weight, and activity level of your pet.

Ease of Use and Installation

Sure, nobody ever wants a device that can be a struggle to install and to use. Thus, look for an automatic feeder that is easy to operate with its user-friendly app. Since it is hard to tell how easy or difficult a product is to use, read forthcoming customer reviews. The best way to get the hang of things is to follow experienced buyers.

Puzzles and Games

The automatic feeder should not only be used solely as a feed dispenser but a playing device as well. When you are at work, you are not allowed to use your smartphone all the time. In times when you cannot speak to your pet and entertain him, an automatic feeder that includes puzzles and games can be a life-saver. The role of a puzzle feeder is to engage your pet in some sort of a puzzle or a game, releasing a certain amount of feed or treat when the pet gets it right. You can even download new games and puzzles of your preference. This is definitely a great way to keep your pet occupied.


The cost of the automatic feeder is perhaps the one factor that should not be overlooked. Some pet parents settle for inexpensive automatic feeders in hopes of saving a pound. But later on, these devices fail, putting their money in vain. To secure an efficient automatic feeder at a reasonable price, pick the one which is top-rated by experts and other pet parents. The products listed in this guide are not exactly cheap, but rest assured that these can be worth its weight in gold.

Related Questions

What is the usual budget for automatic feeders with cameras?

The following amounts are but rough estimations and may change depending on the brand and features of the automatic feeder.

If you are looking for basic automatic feeders, prepare around $80 to $125. The ones in this range are controlled by apps but do not feature cameras and video screens. Other quality products are in the price range of $125 to $175, but these may not be as user-friendly as the ones that cost $175 to $250. Products at this price point are top-quality in the market with top-notch sound and video quality.

Do all automatic feeders offer customer support? 

The answer is a resounding NO. Some automatic feeders, especially those from outside of the United States, have very little to none customer service available. That is why it is highly recommended to choose the brand that provides ample post-purchase service.

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