Best Automatic Feeders for Chicken

Chickens are kept in secure coops so that they are protected from lurking predators from outside the fence. However, even with coops, there are still animals that can get closer to our chickens. Moreover, the chickens are not the only thing other animals prey on, but also their food. We are talking about the rodents. Apparently, manual chicken feeding means that their food will be placed in open feeders. And as much as it lures our poultry close, it also attracts pests in. But with an automatic chicken feeder, we can resolve not only our pests’ problems in the most convenient way.

The best automatic feeders for chicken, of course, are those that fulfill the job of feeding without manual labor. They also should keep the food in-store safe from pests, as mentioned. And as we are spending money on them, they might as well save us some by preventing food wastage. These are the best automatic chicken feeders that satisfy these conditions:

1. Grandpa’s Feeders Galvanized Steel Automatic Chicken Feeder

2. RentACoop Chicken Feeder

3. Yescom 12L Portable Automatic Chicken Feeder

4. Neatfi Pre-Galvanized Steel Automatic Chicken Feeder

5. Wrea Automatic Poultry Feeder

6. Rural365 Chicken Treadle Feeder

7. OverEZ Chicken Feeder

8. SuperHandy Chicken Feeder

9. Haoguo Automatic Chicken Feeder

10. PawHut Automatic Chicken Feeder

Actually, chickens can look for food on their own by foraging. They can spend an entire day pecking on grass, worms, and insects to fill their stomachs. However, they do not really get optimum nutrition just out of that. We should give them feeds to supplement their diet. And we cannot afford to waste money on food that they cannot eat because it is stolen or got worse.

Best Automatic Chicken Feeders

Grandpa’s Feeders Galvanized Steel

Grandpa’s Feeders is actually the best-reviewed automatic chicken feeder. It is made of a high quality galvanized steel construction that can last long even under severe outdoor conditions. Also, it is designed to prevent food spill and to protect the food from wetness with its waterproof lid. It is a large capacity, holding about 20 pounds or 9 kilograms of poultry feed at a time. This capacity accommodates roughly 6 chickens for 10 days or so.

Moreover, this feeder has a “feed on demand” mechanism. It means that chickens can just access their food when they are hungry. In fact, multiple chickens can actually feed on it at the same time. Therefore, no chicken will ever go hungry, which is vital for their wellbeing and optimal egg production.

Generally, Grandpa’s Feeder’s automatic chicken feeder will save us time, effort, and money. With it, we do not have to frequently visit our chicken coops to refill their open feeders. Also, we can save money for the food that can potentially go stale or go to waste. This is as the food is kept sealed only until chickens access it for the sole purpose of addressing hunger.

RentACoop Chicken Feeder

The RentACoop chicken feeder is made of a hundred percent food grade and BPA free plastic. Upon purchase, it comes already fully assembled, which can save us more time than other feeders. We only need to simply feel it with feed, and then it is ready to operate. It can hold up to 20 pounds of feed, which can last up to 30 days for 2 adult birds. Certainly, the same amount of feed can last up to 14 days for 4 adult birds, and a week for 8 adult birds. Apparently, it is only designed for chickens that are 12 weeks old and older. Younger or smaller birds than that can crawl into the food ports.

The design makes it really hard for wild birds, squirrels, mice, or rats to steal the food in store. Also, it makes for minimal spillage and wastage done typically by feeding chickens. It also has a sloped top so that chickens won’t roost on it. Therefore, cleaning and refilling will be a breeze for us.

Yescom 12L Portable Automatic Chicken Feeder

This feeder is designed to be compact with lock rat proof to address our concerns for rats and rodents. It is made of solid aluminum alloy construction that is rust-proof and durable. It has a large capacity as it can hold up to 12 liters of chicken food. Therefore, there will be no need to refill it often as it will some time before the food runs out.

Yescom 12L automatic chicken feeder features a mesh fence on the feed outlet to keep the food protected. This will prevent wild birds and other animals from eating our chickens’ meal. Also, it has side plates which will keep the feeding chicken from being nipped. Then, it has an anti-slip treadle, which will help the chicken avoid slipping down and will provide a stable stand. The lid, on one hand, can be opened by a weight of 1.8 pounds or 800 grams. For the stored feed’s safety, the food container actually has locks and carabiners that only we can open.

As the name suggests, this feeder actually has a portable handle so that we can lift and carry it easily. Therefore, we can opt to carry it to the feed supply storage to refill its content.

Neatfi Pre-Galvanized Steel Automatic Chicken Feeder

The Neatfi automatic chicken feeder is designed to be heavily pest proof. It protects our chickens’ feeds from wild birds, raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, and the like. That, while still being durable, being made of a high-quality pre-galvanized steel construction. This finish is specially done so that the device can be made to last long in extreme outdoor conditions.

In addition, the capacity of this feeder is 20 pounds or 9 kilograms that accommodate 6 to 12 chickens. Its mechanism is “feed on demand”, automatically opening as the chickens step on the platform. It has side guards and a large opening to accommodate even the roosters with large combs.

Aside from that, this feeder is innovatively designed so that it reduces potential spills and wastage. It has a built-in anti-flick grill as well, which will prevent the chickens from throwing the food away. Thus, we will be able to save some money on the lot of potential food waste that the device can save. Besides, we also save us some time as we do not need to keep coming to the coop to refill chicken feeders.

Wrea Automatic Poultry Feeder

This feeder is primarily designed to be waterproof to make it last a long time for outside use. In the main, its finish is made of aluminum, which makes it strong and durable. It is also conveniently lightweight so that we can lift and carry it easily. Moreover, it is very easy to assemble and has a smooth surface that enables quick and easy cleaning.

The mechanism of this Wrea feeder is also “feed on demand.” It automatically opens as the poultry step onto the treadle. Certainly, as the poultry step off the treadle, the lid will automatically close. This will keep the lid closed, preventing mice and wild birds from stealing the chicken feed. Therefore, we are given the guarantee that we are only spending money on feed solely for our chickens.

Rural365 Chicken Treadle Feeder

Rural365 is an automated chicken feeder that encourages natural feeding behavior of chickens. It also comes with an automatic closing design to protect the feed from the elements and pests. Its levered platforms can be adjusted from 12.5 ounces to 3 pounds pressure minimums. This is to make sure that only the chickens can feed from the feeder when they step onto the threshold.

In addition, this feeder features a lid that keeps the food supply sealed from wild thieves. Its capacity is up to 17.6 or 8 kilograms of feed that can accommodate small flocks of 6 to 12 birds. Also, it has spill-edge, which helps reduce messes and food waste. Thus, we are saving as well as the money on food that can potentially go to waste.

In the main, this feeder is built to last with a 1mm galvanized plates that give it secure stability. At the same time, it has molded plastic parts which are resistant to weather and UV rays. It also has sloped covers so that the chickens won’t roost over the chicken feed trough. Also, this feeder is generally easy to assemble to give us less problems after we purchase it.

OverEZ Feeder

This feeder is designed for clean and convenient chicken feeding solutions for our poultry. It can hold up to 50 pounds of feed to supply for chickens that are 12 weeks and older. This supply can last about 45 long days and allows 3 chickens to feed at the same time. Moreover, the supply can last longer because of its no-waste design. It comes in smart feeding ports that will keep our chickens from spilling and soiling the feed. 

Additionally, this feeder can stand stable on the ground. This makes for easy refilling and cleaning, unlike hanging feeders. It also has a wide lid-covered opening on top to help us fill the food compartment in a breeze. Also, it is designed to stay dry as the feeding ports overhang. Also, the hidden recessed channel keeps water from getting into the feeder and ruining the feed. Its finish is of durable, UV-protected, food-safe, BPA-free, and recyclable plastic.

This feeder’s mechanism, on one hand, is gravity feeding. As the chickens eat, the food in store flows naturally to the feeding ports because of the angled design. Aside from that, the bottom of the feeder is also reachable to chickens for easy food access.

SuperHandy Chicken Feeder

The SuperHandy chicken feeder has a capacity of up to 20 pounds or 9 kilograms of feed. Thus, it will provide feed for about 6 chickens for up to 10 days or so. It comes in a large box design that can accommodate as well all fowl, pheasants, and smaller flocks of 12. Its finish is of a high quality galvanized steel that makes the device withstand severe outdoor conditions. It can excellently resist rust and corrosion, not to mention.

Moreover, this feeder features galvanized side guards so that the birds can be trained to stand on the tread plate. Aside from that, the side guards also will keep the food from escaping the trough to avoid spillage. There also are mesh fences or anti-flick frills, which will prevent the chickens from throwing food out. It also keeps the food from getting stolen by pests such as wild birds, rats, mice, and the like. However, the feeder features a larger outlet opening, which allows even roosters with large combs an access to the food.

This feeder is designed for chickens that weigh at least 1.8 pounds to operate the feeder independently. It also has not so tightened up nuts and bolts on linkages to allow free movement.

Haoguo Automatic Chicken Feeder

Generally, this feeder is durable as it is made of a high quality galvanized steel surface treatment. Thus, it can be used even under the most extreme outdoor conditions. This while still keeping the food in store fresh and clean. It is also easy to assemble and fill to save us a great amount of time. Also, we can save more time as the feeder’s capacity is 20 pounds or 9 kilograms of feed. This much can accommodate around 6 chickens for up to 10 days. Therefore, we do not need to keep coming back to our chicken coops to refill the feeders.

In addition, Haoguo chicken feeder is also designed innovatively to minimize food wastage. It has anti-flick grill stops to keep chickens from throwing their food out. Thus, it also saves the money we spend on food. Also, it prevents the food from getting stolen by pests such as wild birds, raccoons, squirrels, mice, and rats.

Moreover, the design includes an anti-slip treadle so that the chickens are kept from slipping down. It as well helps provide a stable stand. Also, it has a large opening to accommodate even large-combed roosters.

PawHut Chicken Feeder

The PawHut chicken feeder comes in a wall-mounted design for either inside or outside use. This can be installed as well on either wood or wire with installing tools included in the package upon purchase. Generally, it is made to last through a high quality galvanized steel finish and protective lid. Therefore, it is efficient for outdoor use even in severe weather conditions, either sunny or stormy. It also has a small ceiling over the feed outlet, which similarly functions as weather protection.

Additionally, the heavy-duty finish and closed headcover are efficient in keeping the food protected from pests. A mesh fence on the feed outlet also functions the same. This while helping our chickens to get the hand of their new feeder quickly. Also, the closed design also saves our money by minimizing potential food spillage and wastage.

This feeder also has a good feed capacity of up to 13 liters of feed. This size can accommodate all fowls, pheasants, turkeys, and the like. Moreover, it has a big head opening, which makes for easy and quick filling and maintenance. Thus, we are saved a great deal of time as well.

Related Questions

What conditions does an automatic chicken feeder have to satisfy?

Before purchasing an automatic chicken feeder, we should first consider the size of our flocks. This will help us identify the size of the feeder we will purchase. If we have a huge flock, of course, we would definitely have to choose large capacity feeders. We can still opt to purchase the same for relatively smaller flocks to cut down on the frequency of our visits. It is also efficient to use larger feeders when we are typically busy throughout the day or away for vacation. However, there might be a tendency that the food might get bad after a long time, especially when placed outdoors. Therefore, it is greatly advised to consider the largeness or smallness of the flock. 

It is also important to consider that each adult bird typically eats about half a cup of food per day. We can use this to have concrete calculations of how much we need to supply our flocks. Moreover, we should also check the feeders’ efficiency to protect the feed from pests and vermin. Of course, we also want to know if our feeders are easy to set up and to operate. Remember, we are purchasing for our chickens, and they will need time to get used to a new feeder.

How are plastic and metal feeders different from each other?

In terms of cost, plastic feeders are generally less expensive than metal ones. Also, they are relatively easier to clean for their material and fairly lightweight. However, when it comes to durability and lifespan, metal feeders might just be better than plastic ones. The plastic material is more likely to dry rot after a long time. And under nasty weather conditions, they might get brittle and break eventually. Also, aesthetically, the plastic coloring may get bleached out by the sunlight later on. The metal feeders, on the other hand, can keep their aesthetic for a longer time.

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