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Automation and technology are finding their way into almost all areas of our lives and it’s creeping into the pet industry as well. With mobile phone apps for tracking health and care, GPS location collars, digital pet ID tags, heated dog beds, one simple fact is that the world of technology and dog ownership has well collided. One very important technological advance regarding pets is the automatic dog feeders which are electronic and programmable.

Are automatic feeders for dogs necessary? Automatic feeders for dogs are necessary. They are meant to offer some assistance to ensure the needs of your pooch are well catered for if you out for work, or you just have to spend the whole day outside, or you simply prefer using a hands-off approach compared to the regular, rigid, feed times.

Note that these special devices were not designed to take the place of our attention and care regarding our dog’s diet. Automatic pet feeders are a modern looking, stylish equipment that comes in different styles and colors, with lots of convenient features for timing and portion control.

Our Favorite Picks

Best Overall: PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Feeders for Dogs

  • It can work for both semi-moist and dry food
  • Immediate feed mode present – where the next meal is immediately dispensed.
  • Slow feed mode present where food dispensed can take more than 15 minutes

Best Value: Petmate Pet Café Automatic Feeder for Dogs

  • It does not require any power or battery to function
  • It is easily maintained and cleaned
  • Transparent and simple design

Best Budget: WESTLINK 6L Automatic Feeders for Dogs

  • It has a voice speaker and recorder
  • Proper meal distribution possible with the infrared sensor
  • Can hold about 6 liters of dry food

10 Best Automatic Dog Feeders with Reviews

PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Feeders for Dogs

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Feeders for Dogs allows users to set a feeding schedule for their dogs for 8 meals every day. You can easily manage the portion size as well as control the rate of food dispensation.

This feeder is great if your dog is used to gulping down his food and as a result have some digestion problems. This feeder also comes with some modes: slow, immediate, and pause feed modes, which allows the user to meet their dog’s needs to develop properly. It can hold about 24 food cups and you can easily see when the food is getting exhausted through its translucent hopper.


  • It can work for both semi-moist and dry food
  • Immediate feed mode present – where the next meal is immediately dispensed.
  • Slow feed mode present where food dispensed can take more than 15 minutes


  • The issue with this dog feeder is that you can only control it online through the cloud. This means that, if you lose internet connection, you may lose control over your device

Arf Pets Distribution Alarms, Portion Control Dog Feeder

If you are searching for the best way to control the diet and size of food given to your dog, then you should go for the Arf Pets Distribution Alarms. Portion Control Dog Feeder.

This feeder helps you plan a feeding schedule for your pooch about 4 times daily. With its message recorder and meal alarm, your pooch will easily know when it is time for their meal, whether you are there or not. It also features a magnetic lid lock, which prevents your dog from finding its way into automatic food dispenser. There an LCD screen as well that ensures your setting stays the way you want it to be.


  • Can dispense different portion sizes
  • This is the only automatic feeder that can be operated using the battery power as well as the DC
  • It operates quietly
  • It is cleaned easily


  • The feeder’s components are not that sturdy compared to others
  • The motor could get stuck as well

WESTLINK 6L Automatic Feeders for Dogs

The WESTLINK 6L Automatic Feeders for Dogs is a budget-friendly feeder that has a voice speaker and recorder. With this, users can record voice messages for ten seconds, so your dog will have a feeling of your presence, even if you are not there

You can schedule it for four meals daily. Each meal dispenses about 1 to 39 portions, with each portion weighing between 10 to 12 grams. However, the size of the food must not surpass 0.39 inches, which is not ideal for dogs that love eating large kibbles

This feeder can hold about 6 liters of food. It also features an infrared sensor, which prevents the feeder from dispensing food, whenever your dog has not eaten up the food in the bowl.


  • It has a voice speaker and recorder
  • Proper meal distribution possible with the infrared sensor
  • Can hold about 6 liters of dry food


  • Some users that their pets somehow broke into the reservoir

PetSafe 5 Meal Automatic Dog Feeder

This is another quality product in our review from PetSafe. With the PetSafe 5 meal automatic dog feeder, users can schedule five different meals to come at different intervals all through a day. It is 100% programmable, which will help dog owners decide when the feeder should open and give your dog its food.

Also, it is very easy to set up and use. Even, it comes with an LCD screen that is clear enough to help you set your dog’s meals easily. Lastly, its plastic construction is BFA-free, and it is reliable and durable, giving users some peace of mind – at least they are sure it won’t break easily.


  • You can store both wet and dry food
  • Features a dishwasher-safe and removable tray
  • All the sections can hold a cup of food


  • You need to refill the feeder often; this is because it can only hold food that can feed your dog five times
  • Some users complained that the rotating tray did not line up properly

Petmate Pet Café Automatic Feeder for Dogs

The Petmate Pet Café Automatic Feeder for Dogs comes with a simple design, and it is great for those searching for an automatic feeder for dogs that do not include many confusing features. Basically, this feeder ensures your dog’s feeding bowl is filled up with food consistently always until there is nothing left in the storage.

Its container is made clear to help dog owners know the amount of food left coupled with a very wide mouth to ensure food passes through without facing any risk of blockage. Its lid is also removable, so you can clean it easily before refilling.


  • It does not require any power or battery to function
  • It is easily maintained and cleaned
  • Transparent and simple design


  • Some owners voiced their discontent over the way the dispensing system jammed easily

HoneyGuardian A36 Automatic Feeder for Dogs

The HoneyGuardian A36 Automatic Feeder for Dogs was produced with a motor inversion scheme; this is to prevent your pooch’s food from jamming. If it happens that food jams in the feeder, immediately the motor will deliver food by turning the opposite way.

Also, it comes with an infrared sensor that is built inside the feeder which alerts anytime the food dish is not sufficient. It also comes with a bowl made of stainless steel and a food vessel that can be detached to clean it easily and quickly.

This pet feeder also comes with an alarm to indicate low food. Any time, the LED light gives a blue flash, then it means that the level of food in the feeder is not adequate enough and you need to refill the bowl. Lastly, it features an audio recorder and a speaker.


  • Easily washed
  • 6 meals can be set daily
  • There’s a 12-month warranty offered by the manufacturer


  • Some customers complained about the quality of the feeder

Belopezz 6L Automatic Feeders for Dogs

Belopezz 6L Automatic Feeders for Dogs

The Belopezz 6L Automatic Feeders for Dogs comes with a controlled portion setting to ensure your pooch doesn’t get overfed. It can also detect any time the feeder is running out of food supply. Asides it, it will provide you with some information on the quantity of food left and if your dog was well fed.

This device comes with sensors that help to detect excessive or low food levels and depending on your setup, it could stop feeding. The container for dry food has a 6-liter capacity and it has two different sizes of dispensers: large and small.

Lastly, it is supported by battery and wall power supply and it is great for all dog sizes


  • It is affordable
  • Its frame is durable
  • Anti-slip and anti-abrasion function


  • Some customers complained about the quality of the feeder

You can buy it here:

DOGNESS Voice Recording Timer Programmable Automatic Feeder for Dogs

The DOGNESS Voice Recording Timer Programmable Automatic Feeder for Dogs comes with a Wi-Fi that ensures your dog is well fed, even in your absence.

It even comes with a camera; this is to help you keep watch on your pet when you are far away. This automatic dog feeder can be programmed with this camera using your smartphone. Before using this feeder, you have to download an app. However, connecting your phone with this device as well as making some adjustments is easy and quick.

It is powered through batteries and AC cord. It also comes in five different colors – Dark blue, grey, tiffany blue, pink, and blue/orange. It can hold about 6.5 pounds of food.


  • Easily set up
  • Comes with a camera
  • It has different colors


  • Doesn’t work with Android devices. You must get an iPhone.

WOpet Timer Programmable Portion Control Automatic Feeder for Dogs

The WOpet Timer Programmable Portion Control Automatic Feeder for Dogs is an automated pet feeder that ensures your pet is fed with ease. It can hold about 2.5 pounds of food at once and can be programmed to dispense four meals daily.

This automatic feeder also features an infrared camera which helps in preventing jams. It also has a built-in speaker that users can use in recording a message (10 seconds long) for your pet.

One notable feature here is its affordable price, which is a great option for users that are budget-owners. Two types of power supply can be used here: the power adaptor or the batteries.


  • This feeder has lots of positive reviews
  • It is durable, well-built, and easy to program
  • Feeding time made much simpler


  • The programmable interface can be improved upon

LITTLE GIANT 25 Pound Automatic Feeder for Dogs

The LITTLE GIANT 25 Pound Automatic Feeder for Dogs is great for dog owners that want their pooch to have access to food constantly. Asides from its swinging door, this feeder lacks any moving parts; this means that the feeder has fewer chances of breaking, preventing your dog from going hungry.

Made from galvanized steel of 24-gauge, dog owners can be rest assured of this feeder’s super durability. It can also be set up using different ways.

It can be placed on the ground to serve as a simple standing unit, or it can be attached on a custom-built frame or on a wall to ensure extra stability.


  • Dogs access their food without stress
  • Some owners used this feeder outdoors without issue


  • It doesn’t deliver discrete meals
  • Dogs can access this feeder if it is slightly elevated from the ground.

Buying Guide

All dogs have their own feeding requirements and routine, which dog owners try as much as possible to stick to. But the problem comes in, when we have to travel, go to work, then things become quite difficult to maintain. Having automatic feeders for dogs could be a great addition to any home because it will support healthy eating habits and good routines. However, getting the right one to suit both you and your pooch is very important.

What are Automatic Feeders for Dogs?

Automatic feeders for dogs convey the same meaning as they sound – food dispensers for pets that automatically disburse food either through gravity or electronic pre-programming.

Typically, they are made up of two main parts: a plastic or glass airtight hopper, which houses the food before releasing it, and a ceramic, stainless steel or plastic bowl, where the food is released to for your dog to eat.

Why should I use Automatic Feeders for Dogs?

One major reason why dog owners should think of getting automatic feeders for dogs is that it is convenient. With these feeders, dog owners can easily plan their pooch’s meals ahead and then continue with their daily activities without worrying if you have fed your dog or not. Even if you return home late after work, your dog will not still miss his meals.

Asides convenience, automatic feeders for dogs can help control the weight of your dog. This is made possible by setting the size of the portion to correspond with the breed, size, energy requirements, and age of your dog.

You will also understand the eating habits of your dog fully, after a specific period. If your pooch has issues with digestion or seems to bolt their food, then you can set this automatic feeder to give your dog smaller portions of food more regularly.

Advantages of using the best Automatic Feeders for Dogs

There are so many reasons why dog owners should use the best automatic feeders for dogs. The major advantages include:

  • You can maintain the normal feeding routine of your dog, no matter how busy you are
  • Makes it possible to know the quantity of food
  • Ability to plan beforehand and make some temporary changes to their feeding where necessary.
  • It is convenient, easy, quick, and mess-free
  • It supports healthy eating as well as suitable portion sizes
  • It is great for feeding multiple dogs as well as monitoring their feeding habits in one home

Types of Automatic Feeders for Dogs

Automatic feeders for dogs come in two major types, with both have them having many variations

  • Gravity Pet Feeders
  • Electronic Pet Feeders

Gravity Pet Feeders

These are less sophisticated, whereby any time your dog eats, food can drop down naturally into the bowl. Once this bowl is full, there’s no way the dispenser can release more food because the food will immediately be backed up to the hopper, thereby preventing any flow.

The benefit of gravity pet feeders is that there’s no programming required here and still you can be rest assured that your dog will never miss his meals.

The disadvantage of this feeder is that there will be no restriction in the way your dog eats his food, and this could cause overeating and as a result, lead to health conditions like obesity.

Electronic Pet Feeders

These types of pet feeders are more common. They allow dog owners to have full control over the way in which your dog eats and the time when they can have access to eat it.

There’s a need to pre-program these feeders with the time you want them to feed your dog. You will also need to program the portion sizes to be dispensed to your pooch and your feeder will just follow your instructions.

The benefit of electronic pet feeders is that you can have full control over the way your dog feeds, no matter where you may be. It is great for weight control as well as handling conditions like pancreatitis, hypoglycemia, and diabetes because you can ensure your dog has smaller but regular meals.

Giving your pooch a regular controlled and balanced portion sizes will prevent your dog from gorging on their food, which could result in obesity and bloating

By sight alone, dog owners can easily overestimate the portion sizes; however, with an electric dog feeder, you can be sure that the portions will be correct each time.

The disadvantage of using an electronic pet feeder is that the product could be a low-quality bone and could result in your dog missing his meals, being underfed or being overfed. Therefore, it is advisable that dog owners invest in good quality and reliable feeder, just like the ones we have reviewed above.

Things to consider when Buying Automatic Feeders for Dogs

If you have plans to buy automatic feeders for dogs, then it is important that you choose the best for your dog. Below are some of the major considerations that dog owners must put in mind when buying automatic feeders for dogs.

Food type

It is very important to consider the food type to be used in that automatic feeder. Most feeders work with dry kibble. However, if you love feeding your dog with wet or moist food, then you may have to go for carousel feeders


You must consider the maximum and minimum portion capacity of the automatic feeder. Ensure that it is within the health portion size to be given to your dog in any sitting.

Number of dogs

If you house more than one dog, will there be a need for multiple feeders? If the case is, your dogs always compete for food, or are used to displaying guarding behaviors while eating with their food bowls, then you should go for multiple feeders.

Programming features

All automatic feeders for dogs usually come with some programmable features. At least, you should be able to choose the number of meals it provides daily, as well as the size of these meals. Other programmable features available are monitoring previous feeds, the ability to pause feeding, and being able to create feeding regimes.

Strength and size

Though most feeders are strong and durable and feature locking lids as well as other features to help in securing the food present in the hopper, dog owners must check if they can stand firm against your dog’s assault. Check the breed and size that the automatic feeder is meant for.


There are automatic feeders for dogs that can be connected to an app installed on your phone as well as other devices. This helps owners to monitor, as well as make adjustments, whenever they are not close to the feeder. If your device is compatible, then this is very useful. Make sure you check this before buying.

Dinner calls

Are you used to calling your dog anytime it is time for his meal? This means they will respond positively to a particular voice command, and many of the best automatic dog feeders come with a feature that allows users to record messages, so it plays during mealtimes. On average, these messages last for just 10 seconds.

DIY Method for the Handy dog owners

There’s always a DIY method for virtually everything and you don’t have to buy automatic feeders for dogs. You can simply sit in the comfort of your home and make one yourself. Watch this video to see if you will enjoy making this project:

Related Questions

What are automatic dog feeders and how do they work? Automatic dog feeders are food dispensers for dogs that automatically disburse food either through gravity or electronic pre-programming. Typically, they are made up of two main parts: a plastic or glass airtight hopper, which houses the food before releasing it, and a ceramic, stainless steel or plastic bowl, where the food is released to for your dog to eat. They come in different types which include clamshell dispensers, mechanized feeders, circular dispensers, and gravity-fed systems.

How many times daily should a dog be fed? As recommended by experts, dog owners should feed their pooch twice daily, in the morning and evening. Younger dogs (puppies) below five months old should be fed frequently – three to four times every day.


As a dog owner, your schedule may be very tight and the schedule for your dog’s feeding may not follow a perfect pattern. If this is the case, then the only answer to this issue is to get automatic feeders for dogs.

With this, your dog’s normal feeding schedule may be pre-programmed and then you can go on with your daily activities knowing fully well that your dog will not go hungry or be overfed by your helpful nature. There are lots of automatic feeders for dogs in the market – different brands and types – and choosing the right one could be an issue. This is why we have reviewed the 10 best automatic feeders for dogs

While the products reviewed above come with lots of great features, some still stand ahead of the other. We also included a buying guide in case you still have doubts, and we are sure that by reading through this review, you will make the best decision.

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