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Keeping your goats hydrated adequately with fresh, clean water is a vital part of caring for it. However, freezing temperatures make such provision challenging. During cold months, goat owners have to break ice out of buckets multiple times a day, wrestle with frozen hoses, and replace frozen heaters. Similarly, goat owners have to scrub out algae and drag hoses to fill stock tanks almost every day during summer. Almost all owners are well-familiar with these inconveniences that getting the best automatic watering system is every goat owner’s dream. As goats need 2 to 3 gallons of water intake per day, automatic goat waterers will save goat owners from the troubles that are associated with tanks, buckets, and hoses.

automatic goat waterers

The general rule of thumb, particularly as it relates to automatic goat waterers, is to select the best model in the market. Since going through the plethora of options can be very time-consuming, the 10 automatic goat waterers with great features are provided in this guide. These are:

  • Automatic Farm Grade Stainless Stock Waterer
  • Rabbitnippes Large Push Paddle Automatic Stock Waterer
  • Little Giant Fw16blue Automatic Waterer
  • Automatic Waterer Livestock Drinker Water Bowl Trough
  • Brower Mk Super Insulated Electric Heated Livestock Waterer
  • Richtie Omni Function Fount 2 Automatic Heated Waterer
  • Classic Equine by Richtie Ez Fount Single Automatic Waterer
  • Homend Automatic Waterer
  • Lucky Farm Automatic Water Feeder Trough
  • Little Giant Steel Automatic Stock Waterer

All of these models are guaranteed to serve you well since these are made of quality materials, thus, deserving to be categorized as the best. What goes into making these automatic goat waterers are expertise and efforts to provide sufficiency and durability. Ultimately, all the models in this list earned positive reviews from experts and goat owners around the world. Whatever model you choose allows you to provide water to your goats without the need to lift a finger constantly. 

Automatic Farm Grade Stainless Stock Waterer

The Automatic Farm Grade Stainless Stock Waterer offers a minimalistic design. It is made of metal and comes with twin bolt inlays. These twin bolt inlays are intended for a simple installation process. The 201 steel composition of this model makes it rust-resistant and heavy-duty. Overall, this model is something that your goats can use without stepping into or dirtying it up because this unit can be mounted on a wall.

Rabbitnipples Large Push Paddle Automatic Stock Waterer

Instead of steel, this inexpensive model is made of cast iron. Unlike other automatic water troughs, this one is incredibly long-lasting. It comes with an automatic paddle system with an auto-fill function that allows you to dispense water easily. It is also coated with a scratch epoxy paint that makes it waterproof. The two-screws that come with the package make mounting this model easier for you.

Little Giant Fw16blue Automatic Waterer

This plastic automatic watering trough is made of special impact-resistant polyethylene resin. Most goat owners use this because of the fact that it can be used with any standard ¾ inch garden hose. It also comes with an additional 30 inch plus hose and female hose attachment. Aside from that, it also comes with multiple wall pegs that you can easily install at a suitable height. This waterer can cater 4 gallons of water, making it perfect for your goats. It is float controlled, which means that its float controlled refill feature will automatically refill water when the water level decreases.

Automatic Waterer Livestock Drinker Water Bowl Trough

Part of what makes this model one of the automatic goat waterers in the market that showed some premise is its simple yet effective method to dispense water. Unlike other water troughs, Automatic Waterer Livestock Drinker Water Bowl Trough has a soft touchpad accessory that triggers automatic fill function. It is made of quality ABS engineering plastics, meaning it is safe and non-toxic. All of this model’s parts are polished smoothly and rounded carefully to prevent hurting the goat’s mouth.

Brower Mk Super Insulated Electric Unheated Livestock Waterer

The Brower Mk Super Insulated Electric Unheated Livestock Waterer is a multipurpose goat watering trough. It comes with a remarkable four-inch trough and an automatic waterer dispensation system. Also, it comes with insulation across all sides of the trough and provides about 7 inches worth of insulation. The material used for insulation is widely sought after for its ability to keep away rodents. 

Richtie Omni Function Fount 2 Automatic Heated Waterer

This heated horse automatic water is made of stainless steel. It is much in demand for its large access panel that allows for easy access to the waterline as well as heating components. Moreover, the heating elements come with a weatherproof access panel and a thermostat. During cold weather conditions, its electric-powered heating mechanism can reduce frost in the troughs. On top of that, the automatic valve instantly refills water as soon as it drains. This quick drainage system makes cleaning easy on your part. Because of this model’s durability, you can use this all year round. 

Classic Equine by Richtie Ez Fount Single Automatic Waterer

Classic Equine by Richtie Ez Fount Single Automatic Waterer is a single troughed polyethylene automatic waterer with features that are intended to replace conventional tanks and float systems. This addition to the best automatic goat waterers offers an astounding 10 years of warranty service. Other than that, it is top-rated for meeting its promises: easily works off a garden hose, super easy to set-up, super easy to adjust, super easy to clean, super easy to operate, and super easy to move. Even when your goats are not particularly gentle with this automatic waterer, it can still withstand wear and tear.

Homend Automatic Waterer

For goat owners with a large number of goats, Homeland Automatic Waterer is the perfect multi-purpose trough. It follows a water level floating principle that controls the inlet and outlet water switch. This means that it can constantly keep a fresh supply of clean water at all times. While the drainage hole speeds up the cleaning process of this automatic waterer, the round edges are smoothly polished to avoid traumatic mouth and wound infection caused by scratching. 

Lucky Farm Automatic Water Feeder Trough

Lucky Farm Automatic Water Feeder Trough is a lot like Homend Automatic Waterer. It is entirely made of rust-proof and damage-resistant stainless steel. The use of water level floating principle still controls the inlet and outlet water switch, to achieve a constant water supply. Included in the package are two bolts and a ½ inch pipe that aid in speedy set-up. As goats like to chew a lot, there is no opportunity for turning this model into a chew plastic because the bowl is super heavy duty. 

Little Giant Steel Automatic Stock Waterer

The last one on the list, Little Giant Steel Automatic Stock Waterer, is an all-purpose waterer that does not require any elaborate installation. It can easily be connected to ½ inch flex hose, garden hose, and pipe. The auto-filling feature also eliminates the need to constantly dispense water to your goats based on the basin’s water level. Because of this continuous supply of freshwater, one can prevent the breeding of disease-carrying organisms.

Benefits of Automatic Goat Waterers

Automatic goat waterers offer a handful of benefits goats and goat owners. Among them are:

Water stays cleaner and safer

Since most automatic waterers come with water level floating principle, a fresh supply of water is always available for your goats. There is no need to worry about dangerous algae and other contaminants from stock water tanks.

Goats are better hydrated

Regardless of the climate, automatic goat waterers keep your goats fully hydrated. This is very essential because fully hydrated goats perform better.

Other farm chores are more convenient

With an automatic watering system, other farm chores become more convenient. There is no need to refill individual water buckets or wrestle with water hoses, thus, allowing you time to focus more on other things that need to be done.

Mosquitoes are prevented

Mosquito populations will decrease when you do not use large stagnant water sources. But with smaller surface fresh flowing water, the breeding ground of disease-carrying insects such as mosquitoes is eliminated.

The best automatic waterers provided in this guide are compiled for your advantage, but take note that anything can go wrong with any of these products based on the nature of your habits. For example, problems may arise if you fail to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Research has it that nearly 95% of the problems with automatic waterers result from failing to read the instructions. As long as you set things up the way the manual recommends, problems will not arise.

Related Questions

Do automatic goat waterers have a return policy?

Not all brands have a return policy and a warranty. Always make sure that you purchase the product with a clear return process should the need to exchange your item may arise.

What should I do when the product does not arrive with all of the necessary tools attached to it? 

If you purchased the product from a physical store, you can just show the receipt and ask for a product replacement. But if you purchased it from an online store, reach out to the the online seller. In desperate times, consider taking the product to a hardware store as the people in there can help you figure out what you need to install it.

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