Best Automatic Hay Feeders

If you’re an enthusiastic animal keeper, you are absolutely aware of why it is vital to prepare for dry seasons when animal feed price shoot-ups. During dry seasons or when you’ve traveled and left your animals in the hands of employees, that’s when frustration haunts you down. Ooh, yes, as the owner, you should correctly arrange for your animals to have enough food at all times with now wastage.  You must, therefore, consider the best automatic hay feeders for your animals. The question is: which is the best for you? Where can you get it from?

automatic hay feeder | Rabbit Gravity hay Feeder

We have sifted through and distilled the best automatic gravity hay feeders to ensure that your animals get their fair and satisfactory dose of hay! Further, we shall share with you more insights on the key factors to consider before you buy automatic gravity hay feeders. If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to go through the entire guide, take a quick look at top 7 best automatic hay feeders of 2020

  1. Country Manufacturing Combination hay and Grain Horse Feeder
  2. Freedom Feeder Full Bale Slow Feed Hay Net
  3. Freedom Feeder Mesh Net Full Day Slow Feeder
  4. Wall Mount Combo Feeder
  5. Hay Hoops Wall Hay Feeder with Net Purple
  6. Grey/ Automatic Hay Feeder
  7. Wooden Food Feeding Rack for Rabbit

Factors To Consider When Choosing Automatic Hay Feeders

Running an animal keeping business, no matter the size isn’t an easy thing. It means that you should continuously be on the lookout for better ways to feed your animals for quality productivity.

We all know it is not easy to keep animals without proper planning. These days, finding the best automatic hay feeder can make a huge difference in your animal keeping business.

Whether you’re running a large scale animal business or you’re just getting started, knowing how to get the best automatic hay feeder is vital.  

There are certain factors an automatic feeder should meet to be truly useful and be termed as the best Feeder in the market.

Before purchasing automatic hay feeders for your animals, it’s important that you consider the following:

1. Materials

Keeping a big number of animals means there are lots of work to be handled. This means the cost is higher every time.

Considering the cost, it is wise to invest in feeders that are made with robust, durable, and animal-friendly materials to help them eat comfortably and stay healthy all the time.

While buying, choose automatic feeders that have a low-eating position for small animals, those that are suitable for aggressive eaters and ones that keep hay safer for longer.

2. The type of Feeder

Feeders come in different sizes and materials, as seen above.  Naturally, feeders made from polyethylene are easy to maintain and don’t risk corrosion.

For food, it is good to choose feeders made of metals that are strong enough even when animals tip it. Additionally, durable metal with strong bars rising over it prevents animals from stepping into it.

3. The Feeder’s construction

When it comes to construction, the same thing applies to the type of Feeder you desire for your activities.  The best automatic ones are those made with safe materials which are stable to prevent animals from running the food out.

Moreover, the comfort and safety of cattle are crucial since they are at the center of your activity. Therefore, don’t hesitate to look for features such as rounded edges and specially shaped protection bars that can both enable the feeding process and ensures their protection.

Another aspect of the construction is the structure to be reinforced to prevent strong animals from breaking it. The idea here is to make sure the Feeder is durable to reduce the cost of your animal keeping.

Moreover, the comfort and safety of your animals are crucial since they are at the center of all your activities at the farm or ranch.

Speaking of this, don’t hesitate to look for features such as rounded edges and those shaped with bars to be able to provide a feeding process that is fine and safe for your animals.

4. The Feeder’s maintenance

As mentioned earlier, keeping animals is hard work and anything that can make your business and entire life easier is highly appreciated. This is why you have to sieve through the different feeders and access what is best for you.

At this point, you have both the safety of your animals, the reduction of cost and maintenance.   The best automatic feeders should be those you can maintain at a low price.

5. Feeding accessories

Best automatic hay feeders should come with their hanging racks, carabiners, and any accessories that would make life easier for you.

6. Feeder’s consistency

What makes people go after automatic hay feeders is their ability to mix varieties of food or preparing hay per category of animals.

You can decide to add hay with calorie ingredients or other supplements to boost productivity as well as set a section where you’d add food for young animals with growth enhancement supplements.

Top 6 Best Automatic Hey Feeders

1. Country Manufacturing Combination hay and Grain Horse Feeder

 With an impressive capacity and a weight of 2.2 pounds, this hay feeder is made through a quality process that ensures uniform thickness and overall strength.

This design is particularly an essential factor when it comes to this Feeder’s size.  It is an excellent choice for hay and grain, especially if you’re feeding horses.

The Feeder helps you keep hay and grains for long because of its longevity and preservative features. It is highly designed with enamel-coated steel materials.

It has a functional space measuring 2 feet wide and about 2 ½ high with a measure of one foot deeper. Its hay rack measures 3/8 feet of thick steel.

It is convenient and sturdy that you can use for goats, cattle, and horses. It is excellently mounted to keep hay and grains at a level appropriate for calves.

If you’ve been looking for a heavy-duty hay feeder, this is your best combo.

For those with pastured horses, you can still enjoy this Feeder by hanging it on your walls.

The good thing about this Feeder is the fact that it is highly portable; you can quickly relocate your animals and carry it along.

The excellent capacity can hold up to about one and a half flakes of hay.

Longevity is a guaranteed factor with this Feeder, unlike the ones made of plastics.

Automatic Hay Feeder |  Grain Hay Feeder

Key Features

  1. Tough and sturdily designed to last long
  2. Rust and corrosion-resistant
  3. Easy to mount and clean
  4. Light in weight
  5. Designed to serve both grain and hey
  6. suitable for horses, goats, cattle, etc
  7. Excellent space for enough feeds
  8. Portable

2. Freedom Feeder Full Bale Slow Feed Hay Net

To happily live with your animals that demand much attention can be a hard thing to do.

Such animals, like horses, can easily suffer from anxiety and develop many health problems due to isolation and disrupted mealtimes. This is precisely where the freedom feeder comes in.

It is designed to help you stay free from meal routine time disruptions so you could live perfectly well with your animals. It is commonly known as the best Feeder to teach horses’ behavioral conduct.

If you’ve traveled, you’d like to leave behind a feeder that feeds your animals for long even with lazy workers around; freedom feeder full bale will give you that exact service. It is made with a space that can feed animals for about seven days.

This is a good combo for giving animals a mixture of hay that offer low-calorie forage, high fiber, and entirely dried hay in one feeder for long.

It’s also an excellent choice to help you identify your animals’ consumption ability.

When it comes to feeders, ease of use and durability are not factors to leave out. The freedom full bale feeder is designed with a DuPont nylon netting able to hold about 125lb of hay.

Even better, it comes with carabiners for tying and hanging on walls.

Automatic hey Feeders |  Full Bale Feeder

Key Features

  • Opening net for all sizes of an animal to feed easily
  • Large enough to feed your horse or other animals up to 7 days
  • Made of superior durable material
  • Comes complete with carabiners for securing in a hanging position
  • Have 3 different openings suitable for different animals
  • High quality
  • Improves animal attitudes
  • Reduces colic and animal boredom!

3. Freedom Feeder Mesh | Net Full Day Slow Automatic Hey Feeder

Another suitable automatic feeder that helps you identify your animals’ feeding habits is the freedom feeder Mesh net full day slower feeder.

You can decide to hang it with its breakaway carabiners or tie it down for calves. It is also appropriate for feeding your animals’ combined nutrients such as calories and fiber due to the available space.

It comes to you with superior ease to use features and guaranteed durability.

Have three mesh net openings for optimal feeding. These openings come into a combination of 3 sizes, which are: one inch for slow feeding, 1.5 for regular feeding, and animals able to feed with size one and a half can be transitioned to feed on a feeding net. In contrast, the capacity of two niches is for aggressive and large animals.

The Feeder is a product from the freedom markers which are widely known to produce vigorously inspected and quality feeders to ensure animals stay healthy.

It is inspected for tear tests, heat exposures, and its degree of durability before it is taken to the market. If you’ve been looking for a truly trusted feeder, this one could be just what you need.

The flake can hold up to about 40 flakes of hay and up to about 30 pounds.  Its holes are also designed to train small animals to mimic grazing.

Freedom Automatic Hey Feeder Mesh

Key Features

  1. Provides a whole day feeding solution for your horse or cattle
  2. Offers desired freedom from meal routines
  3. Very durable and easy to use
  4. 3 opening sizes to suit your animal’s feeding rate
  5. Good for sick horses
  6. Excellent for aggressive animals

4. Wall Mount Combo Automatic Hay Feeders

Sometimes the hard work in keeping animals is making sure food isn’t wasted at all costs. Some feeders are designed with weak leaking features of make-ups that easily break or wear when stepped on by animals’ hooves.

With the wall mount combo feeder, you can be rest assured food waste is reduced. It is also a heavy feeder that is robustly constructed and weighs 36 pounds

You can decide to use stalls, corrals, or animal trailers, and it will still give you tremendous results for animals’ consumption and wastage reduction.

The Feeder is also made with mounting hardware for standing extreme weather conditions and for long-lasting.

Food space isn’t a thing to worry about as this Feeder measures enough for space. It had dimensions of 24 inches wide, by 12 inches deeper and height capacity of 30 inches.

Additionally, the Feeder can hold a full flake of hay with about 5 gallons measure of grains. Its strength comes from the 16 gauge steel material.

Thanks to its removable hangers, this Feeder is suitable to hold hay for aggressive animals and big ones like horses.

Keeping animals such as sheep which like to eat together can be hard, but with the help of this Feeder, you can arrange your sheep into groups of 3, and they’ll fit to eat together.

Key Features

  1. Suitable for multiple locations- you can use on trailers and hangs
  2. Suitable for slow eating animals like sheep
  3. Portable
  4. Excellent capacity
  5. Comes with mounting hardware
  6. Reduces hay wastage
  7. Can be used install or corral

5. Hay Hoops Wall Automatic Hay Feeder with Net Purple

Last in our list is this best combo for those who are looking for an automatic feeder that loads quickly and easily.

This one is an excellent choice for encouraging slow feeding. If you want to train your horses, goats, and cattle calves to avoid aggressiveness, this is a good shot.

Another useful feature with this Feeder is its low feeding position that gives all animals more natural eating without regurgitation and choking.

If you have walls, you’ll probably be interested in buying a feeder that once hanged; it stays safer for animals to eat comfortably. This is going to the most exciting Feeder because of its design with locks.

Once you’ve hung it, it locks itself to keep food safe from aggressive eaters that could quickly disrupt or drop it down.

 Thanks to its markers, this Feeder has a replacement option in case you buy the wrong size, or the net develops issues.

Animals that eat from unsafe feeders quickly develop infections such as ulcers and other disturbing behaviors like weaving, cribbing, and pawing; the use of this Feeder can prevent these.

During rain seasons, most farmers lose hay that is buried in the ground, with this Feeder; it is designed to help prevent hay from being buried during wet conditions and is suitable for mimic grazing training for young animals.

gravity -assisted feeder | Automatic hay feeder

Key Features

  • Hey loads faster when your horse of cattle is feeding
  • Encourages your animals to feed slowly
  • Easy to mount on a flat wall

6. Grey/ Automatic Hay Feeder

Weighing 2.2 pounds, this galvanized steel hey automatic gravity hey feeder keeps hey off the ground. It’s suitable for your horse, sheep as well as goats.

Automatic Hay Feeder | Gravity Hay Feeder

Key Features

  • Can be used for both hay and grain
  • Suitable for horses, goats, and sheep
  • Made of corrosion-resistant galvanized rods
  • It has a provision for hanging on panels or boards
  • Sturdy durable construction

7. Wooden Food Feeding Rack | Automatic Rabbit Hey Feeder

If you’re a rabbit farmer, you probably know that your rabbits need to consume hey each day. It’s good for their digestion and an “entertaining” engagement for your little cute bunnies!

Wooden Automatic Gravity Feeding Rack is all you need to keep your little animals happy!

Key Features

Key Features:

  • Designed for hey with a stable base for easy installation inside a hutch
  • Keeps the cage tidy. No feed waste
  • Moveable top cover allows for easy filling of hay
  • Large storage capacity that can effectively feed up to 4 rabbits in a day
  • Made wood hence safe, and with modern stylish design!
  • Suitable for rabbits, guinea pig, bunny, and chinchilla

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