Best Automatic Pig Waterers

Like humans, pigs also need to hydrate with clean and freshwater. It is essential for their metabolism, body temperature, distribution of nutrients to different body tissues, milk production, metabolic waste removal, reproduction, and growth. One pig alone needs to take at least 5 liters to 10 per day. More is required when they have to lactate for their young. Now, if you have a poultry farm, you will need automatic pig waterers for your pigs to keep up with their needed daily intake of water. 

automatic pig waterers

Having an automatic watering system helps in running your operation efficiently. That is why smart swine owners are always on the lookout for the best automatic waterers there is such as:

  • HiCamer Automatic Drinking Water Bowl Dispenser 304 Stainless Steel Farm Livestock Animals Waterer
  • Large Stainless Steel Waterer 
  • Lucky Farm Automatic Water Feeder Trough Bowl with Pipe
  • Homend Automatic Waterer Bowl Fram Grade Stainless Stock Waterer 
  • Lucky Farm Sheep Water Bowls Drinking Tool Plastic Automatic Drinking Trough
  • Yosoo Automatic Waterer and Professional Water Bowl

Some brands on the list don’t just work for pigs but also for other farm animals like goats, hogs, horses, cattle, sheep, and the like. All of which were thoughtfully designed to be corrosion-free, filtered, and safe from any trauma and infections. That makes every penny spent worth it. 

HiCamer Automatic Drinking Water Bowl Dispenser 304 Stainless Steel Farm Livestock Animals Waterer

automatic pig waterers


It comes with 2 float ball valves, which is a great add on. It serves as a backup when the 1st float stops working or if you have other bowls that need replacement. It can be installed on your wood fence, wall, or dug some soil to put it in. Many chose the latter and didn’t have any problem with its stability. It is made of 304 stainless steel, so it is sturdy and with a turned-down edge. That prevents the accumulation of bacteria in the edges that can be a risk to the pigs’ health. Apart from that, it protects the animals from getting their necks or ears cut.


Its size can only serve small to medium farm animals. You will have to buy a separate fitting if you want to connect it to a garden hose or other water source.

Large Stainless Steel Waterer


The bowl has enough depth for the pigs to drink from without pouring excess water. It has smooth edges so you can rest assured your pigs won’t get any cuts when they dip their noses in it. The simple structure helps make the pigs adapt easily to it. Its shape is specially designed based on how a pig or related family drinks their water. It is sturdy that it can grow with your pig until their final size. The stainless steel construction of the bowl lets it hold on even when scratched with full body weight, which guarantees its longevity.


It is made of metal and non-insulated, so it will definitely freeze during winter. A connector piece might also be necessary to make sure it fits properly and doesn’t leak. 

Lucky Farm Automatic Water Feeder Trough Bowl with Pipe


The bowl is heavy duty made of 304 stainless steel, so its sturdiness is guaranteed. It is durable, prevents rust for clean and sanitary drinking. The edges are smoothened to avoid traumatic cuts. It will take no time for the pigs or other animals to figure out what it’s for and love it. It can work with dogs, goats, and even rabbits. It has no drain plug but is easy to clean nonetheless. It has a water capacity of ½ gal, which should be enough. 


You may need to purchase a separate fitting because some buyers said the metal hose doesn’t fit an outdoor water hose. Luckily, they are easy to find in any hardware store. There were cases reported where the float doesn’t seal properly, causing leaks. You can request for a replacement though if ever you receive a faulty one. This outdoor water bowl has ½” waterline fitting written on its description. Mostly has ¾” in their house, so be better prepared when purchasing. 

Homend Automatic Waterer Bowl Fram Grade Stainless Stock Waterer 


You have the choice to order the bowl with or without a drain hole. It provides convenience in draining any remaining water before the refill. It also comes with a float in it and can easily be removed. Owners also find this heavy-duty metal bowl easy to install and are very low maintenance. It has thicker steel, so it is solid and sturdy, and you won’t be worrying about your 45 pounders knocking it off from the fence.


The edges can be sharp for you or for your pigs, so it’s best to smooth it for safety or tape the edges. You also need to buy an adapter for a garden hose. Although, wrapping Teflon tape remedies the fitting. 

Lucky Farm Sheep Water Bowls Drinking Tool Plastic Automatic Drinking Trough


The installation of this product is pretty straightforward, so it comes as a breeze for pig owners. It doesn’t require any special tools to assemble. It provides cool and fresh waters for pigs. Animal owners also use this product for their dogs, goats, and chickens. One user also highlighted how the kids like it, for it reduces one of their daily chores, which is changing their pets’ water supply every now and then. 


You will need to make a visit to your hardware store to buy a fitting if you wish to attach your garden hose to it. 

Yosoo Automatic Waterer and Professional Water Bowl


This design can work on a gravity water system. It is easy to clean and efficient in dispensing water. The storing capacity is 1 liter and only waters when the yellow touch switch is touched. That could mean you may need to conduct a little training on your piglets. Although it is made out of plastic, it is still wear-resistant, built to be anti-fall and anti-corrosion and made of ABS engineering plastic, which can serve a long time purpose. 


Since the product is made of plastic, including the fitting and valve, it may not withstand the roughness of pigs when fully grown, making it ideal for piglets only or small animal faces.

Related Questions

How will it benefit me?

Having an automatic waterer for your pigs means having an efficient watering system in your operation. It will help you reduce costs while increasing your profits by:

  • It reduces water waste which can lead to lowering your water bills
  • The filters, turned-down edge, and stainless-steel protect them from any bacteria causing diseases which will save you any medicinal cost or loss.
  • It provides a more effective administration of their medication so your money is not put to waste.

Can I use any type of automatic waterer for my pigs?

No. You need to find a model that is specially designed to be usable with your pigs and other pets or farm animals. You need to be careful when choosing it because there is a slight difference in the watering system between pigs and other livestock. Pigs have strong jaw muscles and sharp sets of teeth, so the bowl should be solid and firm to survive. 

Which is better, nipple waterer or cup waterer?

Both watering systems have their own benefits. However, cup waterer tends to provide outstanding outcomes so far. Depending on how the cup is molded, but usually, it is modeled to fit the pig’s snout, it can enable the owner to save water because it prevents overflow. When providing water medication, cup waterer does a better job, too, since there’s less water wasted. The bowl waterer is also low maintenance compared to nipple waterer, where the heigh needs to be adjusted during grow-finish. 

When using nipples, you need to be careful in choosing the designs. There are those that are exclusively produced for piglets only and cannot cater enough flow of water for the large pigs. They also have 2 different orifices for low flow rates and high flow rates. Checking flow rate needs to be done from time to time to make sure the pig’s water intake is regular. There are 2 factors that can affect the flow rate: clogged filters/valves and water pressure is incorrect.

There’s a myriad of automatic waterer for pigs sold out there, but choosing what design works best is not a one-size-fits-all matter. It will all depend on your own unique situation. You may even build a DIY automatic waterer if you think that will serve you better than buying one. What’s important is they have water availability at any time, in the right amount, in an accessible height. You will be surprised how it will affect your pork production. 

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