Best Automatic Sheep Feeders

As meek as they might seem, sheep are great feeders. However, feeding them using traditional methods is a big challenge since it causes wastage. To abate waste and provide your sheep with a hygienic feeding environment, you need to consider gravity-assisted automatic sheep feeders. The market is awash with “affordable” and “convenient” feeders targeting naïve and novice buyers. Ironically, the feeders turn out to be substandard. This article is to guide you on the best solutions that you and your sheep deserve.

To avoid falling victim to the automatic feeders’ marketing gimmicks, it is advisable to go for the best products in the market. This article discusses the top nine automatic sheep feeders. Additionally, the article discusses the buyer guide for automatic feeders. The top list of 9 best automatic gravity sheep feeders include:

  1. Gaun Goat and Sheep Feeder
  2. Hanging Canvas Feed Bag
  3. Behlen Country 74023327 8-Feet V Trough Feeder
  4. Fortiflex 2-Compartment Feeder
  5. Rugged Ranch
  6. Creative Co-Op Metal Trough Container
  7. Priefert Hay and Grain Feeder
  8. Hay and Grain Feeder Boxed
  9. Intrepid International Hay Rack-Wall Mounted

Buying Guide for Automatic Sheep Feeders

Before you commit to buy a feeder for your sheep, you should consider the following:

1. Cost

The cost of sheep feeders can be classified into price tag or maintenance cost. Your selected feeder should suit your budget

2. Price tag

The price tag refers to the initial cost of buying your sheep’s automatic feeder. There are two main factors that determine the cost of a feeder. First, the material used to make the feeder.

Feeders made using galvanized steel are costly than HDPE rubber. Second, the features of the feeder determine its price tag. A feeder with two compartments will cost more than a feeder that has a single compartment.

3. Maintenance cost

The maintenance cost refers to the monetary value attached to cleaning and repairing the feeder. If the feeder is made of material hard to clean, it ends up costing more in the long run. Similarly, a feeder that breaks down often costs more in the long run since much money is spent on repairs.

4. Size of the flock

If the flock is small, the fortiflex 2-compartment feeder would be the ideal feeder. On the other hand, if your flock is big, the intrepid rack-wall mounted feeder would be more ideal. You should also consider the size of the sheep. Therefore, if the sheep are young, you should get an adjustable feeder for their comfort.

5. Safety of the

The safety of sheep is crucial and therefore you should only get the one that offers optimal safety to the sheep. It’s important that you select feeders with smooth edges to reduce risks linked to injuries to your sheep. Similarly, only buy feeders which cannot trap the sheep by their horns or heads when feeding. How you mount the feeder can also determine its safety.

Tips on Choosing Automatic Sheep Feeders

There is no perfect feeder in the market. Each feeder discussed has one or two drawbacks.

Therefore, it is advisable to go for a feeder that provides optimal benefits compared to its drawbacks. Since you now know the best automatic gravity-assisted sheep feeders in the market, go ahead and choose the one which fits your requirements.

9 Best Automatic Sheep Feeders

There are different types of automatic gravity sheep feeders in the market. The most popular are the gravity-assisted sheep feeders. To effectively address your flock’s feeding requirements while minimizing waste, the following are the top 9 automatic gravity sheep feeders to consider:

1.  Gaun Goat and Automatic Sheep Feeder

Gaun feeder is our top pick for all sheep feeders in the market due to several reasons.

First, instead of purchasing separate troughs for feeding the sheep hay and grain, you can use this feeder since it can accommodate both.

Second, Gaun has a wide base, which gives it maximum support which consequently prevents toppling over when the sheep pushes it during feeding.

Due to its design, the goat feed cannot fall to the ground. This makes it one of the most economical automatic gravity feeders to consider. The sheep can easily feed at the base of the feeder.

Regardless of the size of your sheep, the feeder provides the desired comfort during feeding time. You can adjust the height to make the sheep comfortable when feeding. If you don’t fancy the sheep feeding from the ground, you can hang the feeder using the two hooks at its back.

Key features

  • Fitted with two hooks at the back for easy adjustability
  • Medium size and lightweight for easy mobility
  • Made using stainless steel for longevity
  • meshes are of small size to ensure that your sheep don’t get stuck when feeding

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2. Hanging Nylon Feed Bag

The hanging canvas is ideal for small scale sheep farmers who do not have a relatively large space. The main distinguishing feature is the sturdy canvas bag which can withstand a lot of force. This selection is ideal for slow. The height of the bag can be adjustable to ensure that the sheep can feed comfortably.

 The side of the canvas has a small hole to fit the head of your sheep. This is to ensure that there is no wastage as your sheep enjoy the feed. You can adjust the size of the hole to ensure that the sheep can fit the head inside the bag without suffocation risks.

However, it is advisable to use alternative feeders if the sheep have horns. This is because your sheep can get stuck inside the bag, and this can lead to suffocation or injuries.

3. Behlen Country 74023327 8-Feet V Trough Feeder

Behlen 8-Feet is mainly designed to get rid of water which might stagnate, giving the feed a stale taste.

In order to drain the water, two holes are designed at both ends of the feeder. The gravity feeder has a wedge shape which prevents food wastage and also ensures effective drainage. The feeder is large and can accommodate up to 6 sheep.

The feeder is made using stainless steel which prevents rusting. Besides, it is coated with premium powder to ensure that the feed does not lose its original taste.

The feeder is placed 14 above the ground to protect it from getting soiled. The feeder has a bar above to prevent the agile young sheep from jumping inside and soiling or wasting the feed.

It has V-shaped legs for maximum support, and to prevent it from toppling over. The parts of the feed are easy to set, and therefore, amateurs can set it up seamlessly. Besides, it can be used to keep different feeds for the sheep.

Key features

  • Stainless steel with premium powder paint for durability
  • V-shaped trough and legs for feed management and stability respectively.
  • 2 holes on both ends to drain excess water from the feed

4. Fortiflex 2-Compartment Feeder

If you are looking for a feeder made using strong material, easy to install and multipurpose, Fortiflex is the right pick.

This feeder is made using HDPE rubber which does not rust and is also effective for outdoor installation. The rubber also makes it withstand the pressure exerted on it by the young sheep when they jump during playtime.

The feeder has 2 feeding compartments which means you can use two different feeds for your sheep.

Therefore, instead of buying separate feeders for grains and hay, you can put the feed in each compartment. It also makes it easy for the sheep to feed since they don’t have to move from one area to another in search of the right feed.

Fortiflex measures 6.2 x 12.8 x 5.8 inches, which is small enough for the sheep to feed comfortably. The feeder is also easy to install since it comes with all the parts in place. You can also adjust the height of the feeder by tightening or loosening the screws. It is also worth noting that the HDPE rubber is easy to clean.

Key features

  • HDPE rubber which is sturdy and easy to clean.
  • Two feeding compartments for putting different supplements.
  • Lightweight for easy portability.

5.      Rugged Ranch

If your sheep are aggressive and break every feeder that comes their way, you should get the Rugged Ranch.

It is made using a heavy-duty galvanized steel which makes it suitable for all your livestock needs. It weighs over 67 pounds which makes it hard for the sheep to knock it down.

It’s designed with two compartments, the top compartment which stores the hay and bottom compartment for the grains.

The feeder measures 26 by 24.5 inches in length and width which is large enough to accommodate two sheep. Due to its depth, it has adequate capacity to handle large amounts of feed.

The edges of the feeder are smooth to protect the sheep from injuries during feeding. The feeder is also raised above the ground to protect the sheep from eating feed infested with parasites.

Despite being heavyweight, the feeder can be raised off the ground by its U brackets. Due to its rectangular shape, the feeder is stable and any pressure applied by the sheep can never topple it over.

automatic sheep feeder | Rugged Feeder

Key features

  • Galvanized steel to offer maximum strength and durability.
  • Rectangular shape and heavy-weight to provide optimal stability.
  • Two feeding compartments to prevent wastage and support two types of feed.

6. Creative Co-Op Metal Trough Container

The most outstanding feature with Co-Op Trough is its lightweight which makes it highly portable. Since this feeder is a trough, it can hold different forms of feed, including hay and grain. Creative Co-Op measures just 19.5x7x6 inches, which is small enough to fit in several areas such as the sheep pens or stalls. The size can also accommodate two sheep at a time.

The feeder is slightly raised above the ground to prevent it from getting dirty, especially during the rainy season. The frame is made using a lightweight metal which is also easy to clean. It is also deep enough to accommodate enough feed which ensures that the sheep get enough to feed all the time.

The edges of the feeder are smooth enough to protect the sheep from injuries. It is also easy to clear any leftovers since you can easily brush them off. The design also minimizes the possibility of parasites getting inside the trough.

Key features

  • Lightweight which makes it highly portable.
  • Metallic material for optimal durability and strength.
  • Small size to fit in different areas with ease.

7. Priefert Hay and Grain | Gravity Automatic Feeder

Priefert is revered for its small size, strength and multifunctional. It measures 29×21×19 inches, which means it can only accommodate two sheep at a time. The small size also makes it suitable for storing in different places such as stalls and outdoors.

The feeder is made using galvanized steel (16 gauge) with architectural powder coat finish which makes it resistant to rusting, rusting and breakage.

The feeder also weighs 49lbs., making it stable enough to withstand excess pressure which might be exerted by the sheep. Even if the sheep manage to topple it over, the feeder will still remain sturdy and maintain its shape.

The feeder can be mounted on walls using the mounting brackets which makes it easy to adjust the feeding height.

The bottom tub reduces wastage of the feed which is common especially when you have a large flock. It has two compartments that can be used to feed the sheep both hay and grain and minimize waste.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel for optimal strength and durability.
  • Two feeding compartments for hay and grain feed.
  • The small size makes it fit in different places seamlessly.

8.  Hay and Grain Feeder Boxed | Gravity Automatic Feeder

This is a sturdy, multifunctional feeder revered for its ability to minimize wastage. The feeder is made of steel, with a coating of silver powder. The material makes the feeder strong and resistant to rusting or scratches, which might make it lose its original shape and color.

The feeder measures 30 x 16 x 22 inches which means it can hold enough feed for the sheep. It is also raised slightly from the ground, forming the ideal height for feeding.

The Grain Feeder Boxed has two compartments. The top compartment holds hay while the bottom one traps hay falling from the top chamber. The bottom tray is where the grain feed is kept. The trays are removable, which makes cleaning easy.

The feeder has a wide base, which makes it highly stable. It also comes with grid holes small enough to prevent wastage during feeding. The feeder weighs 18lbs., which makes it light enough to hang on walls or stalls and also use outdoors.

Key features

  • Two removable feeding chambers for ease of cleaning.
  • Made of steel for optimal durability and strength.
  • Grid holes to prevent wastage and allow for the mixing of hay and grain feed.

9. Intrepid International Hay Rack-Wall Mounted | Automatic Gravity Sheep Feeder

The manufacturers of Intrepid prioritized on the safety of the sheep and also economize on hay usage. The rack is made using steel rods for maximum strength. The rods are half-inch apart to minimize hay wastage since it lets out small amounts at a time.

The rack can be mounted on the wall using the hooks which are fixed at the back. The edges of the rack are rounded to minimize injuries through scratches. It measures 33 x 27 x 12 inches. This is large enough to hold up to ½ bale of hay. This means that six sheep can feed on the hay to their satisfaction.

The steel rods are coated with a powder-coated finish which prevents rusting and aging which occurs with time. Hanging the feeder protects the hay from mixing with pollutants such as feces or mud during feeding. Besides, you can adjust the height of the feeder, depending on the number of sheep.

Key features

  • Round steel rods with small intervals to minimize wastage.
  • Steel material with a powder coating for durability.
  • Large size to hold enough hay for the sheep.

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