Best Automatic Turkey Feeder

Turkeys are productive bird options to raise and keep for meat and eggs. They have a quick growth rate and thrive on high-protein feeding management best. Like hens, they can be free ranged on a spacious outdoor space. However, also similar to chickens, they need an area that is safe from predators. Aside from that, they also need great care and attention, including a productive feeding management to ensure our flock’s success. With that, we have to look for the best automatic turkey feeder to serve us some aid.

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Automatic turkey feeders do not have to be too elaborate. As long as it keeps our turkeys fed even in our absence, then it is an efficient feeder However, the best designs in the market add up valuable features to provide us more convenience. For instance, some feeders include a digital timer so that we can regulate the feeding frequency per day. These are some of the best automatic turkey feeders with other various accommodating features:

1. Boss Buck Gravity Feeder 

2. Moultrie 30-Gallon Gravity Tripod Feeder 

3. All Seasons Feeders Turkey Feeder 

4. All About AntlerZ Turkey Gravity Feeder 

5. Texas Hunter Stand and Fill Wildlife Feeder 

6. Wildgame Innovations Tri-Pod Feeder 

7. One and Done Game Feeder 

8. Moultrie Pro Magnum Tripod Feeder

When we hear of turkey, probably the first thing that comes to mind is Thanksgiving or Christmas. It is a staple on the table during those occasions, the star among the many dishes that are prepared. Primarily, this is because of the animals’ delicious plump meat. However, before being slaughtered for meat profit, turkeys actually have to go through a methodical management. This includes feeding them with a significant amount of feed with ample nutrition for optimum muscle growth.

Best Automatic Turkey Feeders

Boss Buck Gravity Feeder

The Boss Buck Feeders line swears by their most versatile feeders available on the market at present. This Boss Buck Gravity Feeder, for instance, can convert from Protein to Automatic in a matter of short seconds. For example, we can fill it with large protein pellets during the spring and summer seasons. And during the fall, we can switch it over to become a corn and soybean feeder. Also, we should take note that this unit is a high capacity, holding up to 350 pounds of feed.

In the aspect of mechanism, in particular, it has a patented 3-way gravity head with a built-in sleeve. This feature adjusts accordingly to control the flow of the feed. Also, the automatic turkey feeder allows us to re-tune to feed flow for different feed material. Thus, we can ensure a perfect flow every time so that our turkeys will not run out of food. Lastly, the feeder unit comes equipped with a leg extension to raise it to an automatic feed height. We can utilize, therefore, either a gravity feed height or an automatic feed height.


  • 350 pounds of feed capacity
  • Fully adjustable feed flow
  • Patented design
  • Deluxe leg set and extension
  • Gravity feed height and automatic feed height options
  • Fills from the ground

Price: Around $320

Moultrie 30-Gallon Gravity Tripod Feeder

The Moultrie 30-gallon Gravity Tripod is well-suited for feeding protein pellets or feed. Thus, it is an ideal automatic turkey feeder as turkeys thrive best in high-protein diet. It operates without batteries, so we are not bothered by the need for power. We can simply just fill the unit up with feed, and then it can start feeding our wild birds. Also, this feeder can provide our turkeys with feed in any weather conditions with its durable construction.

In addition, this feeder unit can hold up to 200 pounds of feed, so we do not have to keep refilling it. Thus, we can save a lot of time to do our responsibilities outside our turkey farms. Also, the feeder unit has a quick lock adapter. This allows for a quick and easy switch to an auto spin-cast feeder as we like. With the Moultrie 30-gallon Gravity Tripod, we can easily set up a feeding management in such a breeze. We are saved as well with so much money for the feed that goes to waste using manual feeder units.


  • 200 pounds of feed capacity
  • No batteries operation
  • Well-suited for feeding protein feed or pellets
  • Quick lock adapter

Price: Around $144

All Seasons Feeders Turkey Feeder

The All Seasons Feeders turkey feeder has an exclusive feature that funnels the feed to the center of the feeder. This feature gives feed access to the turkeys alone, not letting other animals to keep thieving. Generally, this 200 pound automatic turkey feeder is made of stainless steel construction. Its capacity is determined using corn weight. Moreover, the mechanism of this feeder unit is a feed-on-demand, meaning the turkey can feed as they like. 

With the All Seasons Feeders turkey feeder, we can encourage the growth of our bird population. This is as the birds grow supplied with the optimum nutrients they require. They can grow their muscles efficiently, allowing us a great meat yield in the future. Besides that, they can also grow their feathers healthy so that they can protect themselves in case of predator attacks.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Center funnel for restricted feed access

Price: Around $349

All About AntlerZ Turkey Gravity Feeder

This feeder by AllAboutAntlerZ weighs about 59 pounds and has a capacity of 225 pounds of feed. Its dimensions are 30.1X19.9X5.9 inches. Its material is of galvanized steel that is tailored to last us a long period of time. Also, the galvanized steel protects the feed in-store from rust and corrosion. Thus, we can guarantee that we are only serving our turkeys with safe feed. Moreover, this automatic turkey feeder has a four-way feed station to allow four birds to feed on it simultaneously. In addition, it has a dual lid latches with adjustable tension to suit our birds’ needs.

Other than all that, this feeder unit comes with various optional accessories. These include four pieces of foot kit, either a 6V or 12V solar panel, and a spin-cast box. The latter can be used so that we can convert to a broadcast feeder in a breeze. Generally, this feeder unit is specifically tailored as a turkey feeder. Its design makes the feed outlets restricted so that strictly, only our turkeys can access the feed. Therefore, we do not waste expenses on a feed that goes to other animals that thieve our turkeys.


  • 225 pounds of feed capacity
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Four-way feed station
  • Dual lid latches with adjustable tension
  • Optional four pieces foot kit
  • Optional 6V or 12V solar panel
  • Optional spin cast box

Price: around $200

Texas Hunter Stand and Fill Wildlife Feeder

Texas Hunter Products has engineered this automatic wildlife feeder to primarily put users in control. The control covers when and where our turkeys feed on the 200 pounds of feed it holds. The design of the feeder unit is built to last long and to provide several years of reliable service. To set up, we only need to utilize the three buttons to input feeds. We can input between 1 and 9 times per day, and from 1 to 60 seconds per feeding.

The feeder unit’s mechanism involves a reliable EZ Set Digital Timer that features accurate feed settings. This allows us to know exactly when and how much feed the feeder has dispensed in a day. Also, these exclusive timer settings have a built-in test feature with a battery tester. Also, it requires no internal batteries or fuses that we have to maintain. Aside from that, the general feeder has a 4-foot stand and fill legs to allow for an easy filling and refilling.

Moreover, the overall feeder construction is of galvanized steel, including the funnel and the hopper. Also, the stainless steel spinner plate has built-in gate stops to prevent wind from turning it when not in use. Then, the powder-coated hunter green finish rids of rust and corrosion to last long under nature’s tough elements. Its powerful 12-volt motor inside has a lockable door to protect the timer and battery from the elements as well.

In addition, this automatic wildlife feeder comes with a built-in gauge that allows for easy feed level checking. In fact, we can even check from a distance for our convenience. It has a large varmint guard to get rid of feed waste and to keep raccoons from thieving off the feed. Lastly, the large welded footpads and 24-inch stakes provide the overall feeder unit with stability.


  • 300-pound capacity
  • 4-foot stand and fill legs
  • Footpads
  • 24-inch stabilizing stakes
  • Exclusive Texas Hunter Products EZ Set Digital Timer
  • 12-volt rechargeable battery
  • Large varmint guard

Price: around $599

Wildgame Innovations Tri-Pod Feeder

The assembly phase probably is one of the most frustrating about utilizing an automatic feeder unit. However, we can be relieved off this concern with the feeder units by Wildgame Innovations. With its Quick-Set 225, we only need to allot about 15 minutes to set up our unit. Then, it can start operating to deliver our turkeys their food supply.

The unit is generally a reliable entry-level poly barrel feeder that delivers extraordinary output. It weighs roughly a manageable 37 pounds and can hold up to 225 pounds of animal feed. Also, this feeder’s mechanism involves a timer that is easy to use and regulate. We can set up to four daily feedings, which can last between 5 and 20 seconds, depending on our preference. Also, the feeder is versatile, accepting either corn or protein pellets. Thus, we can have options to choose from based on what our animals like better.

Additionally, the feeder features a 12-piece kit of heavy-duty coated legs. It also has a galvanized steel spinner plate and durable weatherproof housing. Lastly, it has a dependable 6V power unit for effective operations.


  • Sturdy poly barrel design
  • Built-in funnel for precise feed dispersal
  • 12-piece kit of heavy-duty coated legs
  • Spinner plate with galvanized steel construction
  • Dependable weatherproof housing
  • 6V power unit

Price: around $82

One and Done Game Feeder

One of the best features of the One and Done Game Feeder is that it reduces the frequency of changing feeders. It is built using 16-gauge steel for a metal barrel that is impact-resistant and encloses everything securely. This material makes the feeder durable enough to last under any weather conditions and any terrain. This is what the name suggests that we can buy one of these units and be done buying replacements.

To set up this feeder requires no assembly or tools. We can also place it anywhere, whether on the ground, tripod, or strapped to a tree. It also comes in a multi-patented design for the most precise calculation of how long the food supply will last. In line with that, the 30-gallon drum is capable of holding up to 130 pounds of feed. It can even be versatile in accommodating any type of feed, even in fact, a floating fish food.

But on the whole, the best feature of this feeder unit is its exclusive Smart Program TM digital timer. This timer allows us to schedule multiple feedings a day, up to 6 times in maximum. We can also customize feed dispersal duration from 1 to 99 seconds every feeding. On top of that, the system can operate even on a 12-volt battery to as much as a car battery. We can also skip solar power as this does not require that.


  • Multiple installation options
  • Multi-patented directional feeder
  • 130 pounds of feed capacity
  • Smart Program TM digital timer

Price: around $330

Moultrie Pro Magnum Tripod Feeder

This model from Moultrie is well built like a tank, designed to last long even in harsh weather conditions. It has a steel hopper and an industrial-grade electric motor that makes for a sturdy and durable service feeder. Moreover, this 30-gallon Pro Magnum can hold up to 200 pounds of feed, so we are relieved of frequent refilling. It also comes in an all-metal tripod that is dependable load support. Also, a Pro Magnum Feeder Kit programmable timer allows us to set up t six feeding times per day. We can even adjust each feeding duration between 1 and 20 seconds.

In addition, the feeder unit comes with an LCD battery level indicator and feed level estimator. Therefore, we can know immediately and exactly when to replace batteries and when to refill the hopper. The mechanism can operate on a single 6-volt battery. However, we can opt for a second battery to make for a longer field life. An external power port is present as well for optional Moultrie solar power sources. With this, we can get rid of the need to change batteries altogether.


  • Powerful-industrial grade electric motor 
  • Steel hopper with tough exterior finish and
  •  Rust-resistant coating on the inside 
  • 200-pound capacity 
  • Feeder kit with an all-metal housing and built-in varmint guard 
  • All-metal diamond spinner plate 
  • Fill height of 9 feet

Price: around $219

Related Questions

How much food and water do we need to provide our turkeys in a day?

In rough estimation, we will need at least 2 gallons of water for every twelve turkeys in a day. This tells us the need to consider purchasing automatic waterer to accommodate our birds’ drinking behavior. Also, the automatic waterer may have to be connected to an outdoor water spigot for easy operation. Ideally, a 4 feet waterer will be enough for a dozen birds. However, it is always better to provide more than that to ensure that our birds are drinking enough. Apparently, water is technically a nutrient, but it is one of the major elements that encourage healthy growth.

The feeder, on the other hand, should be about a hundred-pound capacity for the same number of birds. And by the time that they are almost mature, they will start eating a pound of feed each in a day. We can use this information to accurately calculate how much we fill our manual feeders with. For automatic feeders, conversely, the information will help us anticipate how long the supply will last.

How can we handle problems and diseases that can potentially occur within our turkey farm?

Primarily, the best way to handle possible turkey problems and diseases is prevention. Addressing health problems even before they arise should save us the lives of our turkeys. This includes providing our birds with a clean pasture, convenient and movable roosts, and fresh, clean water and food. As turkeys are on the bigger bird families, we should make sure that we are giving them enough space. This includes spaces to roost and to pasture. Also, relative to their size, we should also provide them more water and food than what we provide other poultry.

Moreover, speaking of space, we should also secure an efficient turkey house. This house should have good ventilation, and sturdy construction to protect our birds from predators. In addition, we should consider as well that turkeys are different from chickens. Thus, this tells us that we have to raise them separately if we have both chickens and turkeys. Some poultry farmers though, may have practiced raising the two animal families together. However, the practice should ideally be not advised for those that are just starting in the poultry venture.

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