Best Tamper Proof Automatic Cat Feeder

Best automatic tamper proof cat feeder is an awesome way to keep up with feeding your pet, especially because some cats are smart enough to figure out how to game the feeder to feed them whenever they want?

Tamper-proof cat feeders are automatic feeders that have mechanisms that are harder for cats to figure out. When choosing an automatic feeder for your cat you need to keep a few things in mind, cats are smart, they are resourceful, and they stay hungry. If you do not want your cat to get overweight, you should consider using a tamper-proof automatic cat feeder.

We love our pets and feeding them is one of the biggest tasks when caring for them. Automatic feeders help take part of the load off by being able to refill them once or twice a week instead of multiple times per day.


Why Use Automatic Feeders?

Everyone has probably had their cat wake them up at 5 am, meowing like crazy cause they ate all their food during the night. Automatic cat feeders are a great way to keep your cat fed, and you sleeping sound in your bed!

Cats usually eat a good amount; they will start crying for more food if the bowl is only half full. When we humans must go to work, to school, and take care of obligations there is not always time to refill your pet’s food and water 3 times a day.

This is where automatic feeders come in. Save time and keep your cat happy by using an automatic feeder that has a supply of food and water that will last multiple days.

Over Feeding

Some automatic feeders are gravity fed and refill the bowl as they keep eating. This can be a problem for cats that will overfeed and become overweight. A lot of automatic feeders have timers on them that will dispense food when you set them to.

This helps for cats that will overfeed. It also makes sure the food they get is fresh when it comes out and not in the bowl getting stale.

Why Tamper Proof Automatic Feeders?

We all know that dogs are smart, they can learn tricks and will come to you when you call them. We tend to think cats are not as smart since they don’t fetch as well as dogs or come when you call.

But cats are not dumb, they just don’t care. In fact, cats are probably smarter than you may think. In some cases, with an automatic feeder that is set to dispense food at certain times cats will watch, they will investigate, and eventually, they will figure out a way to make the food come out when they want it, one way or another!

Therefore, we suggest using tamper-proof automatic cat feeders. These feeders have mechanisms that are much harder for cats to figure out. They are made so that a cat can’t just stick their paw in and push the mechanism to open it.

Most automatic feeders that have timers are tamper-proof and will stump even the smartest cat.


Best Tamper Proof Automatic Cat Feeders

If you are looking for the best tamper-proof automatic cat feeder then you have come to the right place! We have put together this list of the best tamper-proof feeders that will do the job without your cat catching on.

Best tamper-proof automatic cat feeder list:

  1. Super Feeder CSF-3 with Digital Timer
  2. Wireless Whiskers Autodiet Cat Feeder
  3. Qpets 6 Meal LCD Auto Pet Feeder
  4. WESTLINK 6L Automatic Pet Feeder
  5. PortionProRx – Automatic Pet Feeder
  6. Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser
  7. Currens Automatic Cat Feeder
  8. LeeKooLuu SmartFeeder
  9. PETKIT Smart Feed Automatic Cat Feeder

If you have a smart aggressive cat on your hands you may want to consider one of these awesome automatic feeders that are virtually tamper-proof!

Super Feeder CSF-3 with Digital Timer

The Super Feeder CSF-3 is an automatic cat feeder with a digital timer. They are made in America and the company has been around for 23 years. It holds up to 5 cups of cat food and has an extension that adds an extra 2 cups making 7 total. It’s a smart device that can be controlled with wifi, Alexa and other devices.

There is a bowl attached that is dishwasher safe. The digital timer allows for up to 8 timings or feedings per day. With the wifi settings, you can record your voice and you can install a camera that has night settings. This automatic feeder pretty much has it all.

Has up to 7 timed feeding settings.

If you are looking for a tamper-proof automatic cat feeder that has many settings and options, then this is a great automatic feeder for you. This is a well-built machine that will serve you well.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Wireless Whiskers Autodiet Cat Feeder

The Wireless Whiskers automatic cat feeder has many options and settings that make it a smart device. These feeders claim to be the world’s smartest feeding device and they have many options that make them different from other automatic feeders. Many other feeders will dump the food into the bowl even if it is still full of food but the Wireless Whiskers feeder has a sensor that controls the amount that gets filled.

This device also has a feature with a sensor that goes on your pet’s collar that only opens the bowl for the pet that the food is set to feed! This is great if you have multiple cats with different diets. It has a digital timer that has 8 different timer settings to feed multiple pets at different times.

Feature with a sensor to feed different cats.
Operational Video

The number of features on this automatic cat feeder is astonishing. It will shut your cat down if it eats too much, separate feedings by animal and has 8 different timer settings.

Compare prices here.

Qpets 6 Meal LCD Auto Pet Feeder

The Qpets 6 meal automatic cat feeder is a round device that has 6 different compartments that allow you to put different kinds of food in each compartment, for wet food and dry food. You can also set it so that you can feed different cats with different diets. It allows you to record a 6-second voice message so that your cat will hear your voice even if you are not home!

The device has a lid lock that keeps the food locked up until the cats feeding time, making it tamper-proof and great for cats that are on a diet. The food tray is removable and dishwasher safe.

You can record a six-second voice message giving your cat their mealtime call out.

This automatic cat feeder is small and easy to clean. It lets you feed a cat up to 6 times in a 24-hour period. This feeder allows you to feed your pet when you are not home and when you are out of town.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

WESTLINK 6L Automatic Pet Feeder

WESTLINK 6L automatic feeder is another smart feeder that has multiple timed settings that allow you to feed your pets throughout the day and while you are away from your home. There are 4 timed settings that let you feed your pet up to four times a day. It has up to 24 portion sizes that it can dispense.

This automatic feeder lets you record a 10-second audio clip to use for calling your pet with your voice for mealtime even if you are not there. You may also record the sound of a can opening or food bag pouring as a trigger to get your cat to come to the machine.

A longer voice record time.

This one only lets you dispense dry food but works great for different portion sizes for cats that need to eat a little less than others. It has a USB power supply or you can use 3 “D” batteries.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

PortionProRx – Automatic Pet Feeder

The PortionProRX is an automatic feeder that uses RIFD chips that are assigned to your cats so that each one can get a different portion size based on the chip that is read. The chips are on tags that connect to their collars. It has multiple portion sizes and holds up to 32 cups of dry cat food and can dispense 6 times per day with the timer.

The device comes with two RIFD tags for individual feeding. The different portion sizes control how much each cat will eat for cats that are on different diets. If your cat overfeeds this keeps them from getting larger portions. It also works while you’re not home so that your pets can be fed different diets while you are at work or out of town.

Tags that feed your pets at different times.
Operation Video.

The PortionProRx is perfect for people who have overweight cats that need their portions controlled. The tags keep the meals separated and makes it easier when you have cats who fight over their food!

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Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

The Arf Automatic pet feeder is a high-quality timed food dispenser that keeps the portion sizes separated for each pet. It dispenses food up to 4 times a day, perfect for feeding two cats, once in the morning and once in the evening. Having your pet feed on a schedule keeps things consistent and makes your cats happy.

The device lets you record 10 seconds of voice for calling your cat for mealtime. It runs on a corded power outlet or batteries, which means even if the power goes out while you’re not there it will still dispense the pet’s food with the battery power. It has 10 portion sizes that let you feed your cats different amounts based on their dietary needs.

Runs on batteries in case the power goes out.

The Arf Pets automatic pet feeder is a great tamper proof feeder that feeds your cats different portion sizes up to 4 times per day. If you have an aggressive cat that wants to overfeed this device limits their portion sizes and keeps them healthy.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Currens Automatic Cat Feeder

Currens Automatic cat feeder has 4-time settings that will dispense cat food under timed settings up to four times per day. There are 32 portion sizes that let you feed your cats with different portion sizes to keep them from overfeeding. It holds up to 3.3 pounds of cat food which lets you feed your cat for more than one day without having to add food.

The container keeps the food fresh and only opens when the timed setting allows the food to pour into the bowl. This automatic feeder has a 12-second voice recorder that allows you to call your cat for mealtime. Like many of the others, this device has dual power settings allowing you to plug the devices in and keep it running on batteries.

Holds over 3 pounds of dry cat food.

The Currens automatic cat feeder gives you the opportunity to feed your cats multiple times per day, and even lasts for multiple days without having to refill with more cat food.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

LeeKooLuu SmartFeeder

The LeeKooLuu smart feeder is a smart device and automatic feeder that feeds your cats on a timer. This one has a ton of options. You can time your feedings or manually feed them using the wifi on your phone. The dispenser has a digital camera and voice control that can be operated and accessed from your iPhone or Android device! This lets you see and talk to your pet while they are being fed even when you are not home.

This product has a two-year warranty and is well-made with many functions and options. It has dual power options with a plug to plug the device in and it works on batteries. You can also record a pre-recorded voice message that is 60 seconds for calling your cat for mealtime.

This device can be controlled with your phone.

The LeeKooLuu food dispenser has all the bells and whistles, feeding your pet with multiple food settings and a video camera with a wide-angle that lets you see everything in the room.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

PETKIT Smart Feed Automatic Cat Feeder

The PETKIT automatic feeder is a timed feeder that has smart functions that let you control how much your pet eats and when. It has 10 timed settings for dispensing the food and up to 20 portion sizes to feed your cats different amounts of food. This feeder can be controlled with your phone and with other smart devices like Alexa.

It has a large bucket that holds up to 6 pounds of dry cat food, letting you feed your cats multiple times per day for a few days at a time before you must refill the bucket. The app for your phone has a chat setting that lets you chat with other pet owners to share stories and tips with each other. The timer allows your pet to be fed even if your wifi is not on. The app works with both iPhone and Android.

The device has an app that works with your phone.

The PETKIT smart feeder is a smart device that has many functions to help you feed your cats on a timer and with different portion sizes. You will love the options and technology that this automatic feeder offers. The device is one of the best tamper proof automatic cat feeders and keeps smart cats on a diet by regulating their portions and the times they can eat.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Kittens eating food

Automatic Cat Feeder Tips

  • Automatic feeders that are smart devices let you connect with your cat through apps and smartphones, this makes it a more personal experience for cats that are picky and need to hear their owner’s voice in order to come to the machine for feeding.
  • You may need to consider one of the best automatic tamper proof feeders from this list that have different containers for dispensing wet and dry food using multiple compartments.

Related Questions

Are tamper-proof feeders 100% tamper-proof? Cats can be incredibly creative when it comes to getting things they want when they want it. While most of these automatic feeders are tamper-proof, nothing is truly 100% when you are dealing with a determined cat.

Do all cats overfeed with automatic feeders? Not all cats are prone to overfeeding. Most cats know how much to eat and will stop when they have had enough. Some cats need a diet though, and that’s where automatic feeders with timers can help put them on a schedule with an allotted amount of food.

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