How to Freeze Proof Water in Waterers

During winter we all experience extreme cold, even our animals are not excluded from this.  Water is essential for your animals during this time. Since water gets frozen in the wintertime, you will need to take some preventive measures to keep your animal’s water from freezing. Frozen water is not ideal for animals.  To keep your animals alive and healthy in wintertime, you will need to provide them with fresh water. In this article we will look at some of the tips on how to freeze proof water in your waterers.

Why is it necessary to freeze proof your animal’s automatic waterer? It is very important that you freeze proof your animal’s automatic waterer to prevent your animal from getting dehydrated. Most animals can’t take frozen water and if they don’t drink well, they may become dehydrated.

There are several ways to freeze proof automatic waterers for your pets. Learning how to freeze proof your pet’s water is very important for its survival.  If you want to learn how to prevent water from freezing o waterers, you can read further.

What is an Automatic Waterer?

freeze proof automatic waterer

An automatic waterer is a device that supplies fresh and clean water to animals constantly. It is like a large volume tank that holds water and releases it when your pets need to drink. With this waterer, your pets get safe drinking water. When you own an automatic waterer, you don’t need to supply water to your pets every day.

This waterer ensures a constant supply of fresh clean water every time your pet wants to drink. This waterer saves you lots of stress and time since you don’t need to give your pets water all the time. Automatic waterers can also be used in all seasons including winter. All they need is to be freeze proofed during winters.

Ways to Freeze Proof Automatic Waterers

Your animal’s automatic waterer will not prevent water from freezing in the wintertime except you get a waterer that features a heater. However, it is still important that you take some measures to keep your animal’s water fresh all the time. Below are ways you can freeze proof automatic waterers.

Buy a heated waterer

Buying a heated waterer is the easiest way to ensure your pet’s get warm water in the wintertime. There are several heated water bowls available in the market. All you just need to do is to plug the bowl to an electric outlet and fill in water. You will also need to get your pets acquainted with the heated bowl before winter begins.

There are also automatic waterers that feature a built-in heater. If you are not always around to supervise your pet’s water, you can get a heated waterer. This helps the water to stay warm and fresh every time.

Put a small heater near your pet’s waterer

This is also one of the easiest ways to heat your pet’s water, this is much easier if your pet’s waterer is under a roof and close to the house.  Just plug the heater and put the waterer about 10 inches away. The waterer will get enough heat to keep your pet’s water warm. Ensure your pet doesn’t touch the heater, it can cause burns.

Use an automatic waterer made of plastic or rubber

There are other ways you can prevent your pet’s waterer from freezing apart from using electricity. Automatic waterers made of plastic or rubbers are better insulators than metal. Metal or stainless steel waterers are prone to freezing in the wintertime.

Place ping pong balls in the water

This is another way to freeze proof automatic waterers. Put about 4 ping pong balls in the water, this will lead to ripples any time the wind blows. The waves will prevent the water from freezing. Watch your pets closely because they might want to play with the balls since they look attractive. If you notice that the water’s surface is frozen, remove the ping pong balls, and put the balls again to start the process again.

Use salt water solution

To do this, you don’t need to put salt in your pet’s water. Adding salt to your pet’s water can lead to some health issues. The best way to use a salt water solution is by placing a sealed bottle of salt water in your pet’s waterer. 

Get an empty water bottle, heat water to boil and put a 1/3 cup of salt. Cover the bottle securely with a lid to prevent the water from spilling out. After this, put the saltwater bottle in your pet’s automatic waterer. Salt water stays warmer for a longer time and as such transfers its heat to pure water. Ensure the saltwater bottle is well-sealed and watch your pets closely to be certain they don’t bite the bottle.

Put a heating pad under your pet’s waterer

You can also place a heating pad under your pet’s waterer to prevent water from freezing. Put a heating pad in the microwave and warm it up for up to 5 minutes and place the waterer on top of the heated pad. This will keep your pet’s water warm for almost 3 hours even in extremely cold temperatures.

Make sure the heating pad is well-heated, you will need to leave some heating pads in the microwave for about 8 minutes in order to get enough heat. This method is very ideal if your pet is staying outside for a short while. Do not remove the heating pad from the microwave with your bare hands.

Use tire to create insulation

You can make use of an old tire to trap heat from the sun.  You will need an old tire with no rims and wheels and a black rubber tub or a rock. Put the tire in a sunny area then fill the tire with rocks of darker colors. Put the water into the center of the rocks. The rock will trap some heat and the tire will ensure the rocks are kept warm for a longer time. During winter, the water will stay cool enough for your pets to drink.

Why you need to Freeze Proof Automatic Waterers

why you need to freeze proof automatic waterers

Freeze proofing your pets’ automatic waterers is very important. Although preventing your pet’s waterer from freezing in the wintertime can be quite challenging for you, you need to keep your pet safe and healthy. During winter, your pets can suffer from severe cold, a major reason you need to keep them warm always.

Apart from keeping them indoors, wrapping them up in blankets, and providing them with enough food, providing them with a good amount of warm water during winter is also essential.  According to veterinarians, pet owners should provide their pets with extra warmth during winter.

Some health conditions like arthritis may worsen in some pets during winter. Cold weather can be a big threat to a pet’s health if some preventive measures are not taken. During cold weather, your pets should be given warm water every time.

For people who rear livestock, tank heaters can help you to keep the temperature of water warm enough for animals to drink. Livestock will not drink water that is near freezing and it is essential that your animals consume enough water during winter.

Related Questions

Is a heated automatic waterer good for my pet? A heated automatic waterer is very ideal for your pet, especially in the wintertime. During winter, it might be a bit difficult to keep water warm always because of the extreme cold. In this time, water freezes quickly and this is not ideal for your pets. Although there are several ways you can freeze proof automatic waterer, one of the best ways to do this is to get a heated automatic waterer. This type of waterer keeps your pet’s water fresh and warm even in extremely cold weather. You only need to plug the waterer to an electric outlet, voila. With this, your pet gets to drink warm water always.

Why do I need to freeze proof automatic waterers? Frozen water is not healthy for your pets. When water freezes, your pet will most likely reject the water and insufficient water intake can keep your pet dehydrated. If you care for your pets, you will need to take measures to prevent their water from freezing. Freeze proofing your pet’s automatic waterer will save you the stress of heating its water every time. There are also lots of ways you can freeze proof automatic waterer to keep your pets hydrated and healthy all the time.


Automatic waterers need to be freeze proofed to always provide warm water for your pets.  During winter, your pet’s water is going to get frozen if you don’t take measures to freeze proof it. Animals can’t take frozen water. Since fresh clean water is very essential for your pets’ survival you have to keep water from freezing on automatic waterers.

We have discussed several ways to freeze proof automatic waterers in this guide. Whichever method you intend to use, make sure you provide your pets with warm water during winter. You can combine different methods to freeze proof your pets’ waterer, as long as you provide them with warm water.

You should also know that it is very important you freeze proof your pet’s automatic waterer. Doing this gives you rest of mind that your pets are safe even when you are not around.

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