How to Select a goat Waterer

Goats need to be cared for and well-fed. Rearing them will require your attention and you will have to keep them healthy and hydrated all the time. As humans get hydrated, so do goats. Goats need to consume a good amount of fresh clean water daily to stay alive. Providing your goats with fresh water always is very important. In this article we will share tips on how to select a goat waterer. Lets go!

Why do you need goat waterers? Goat waterers are meant to provide goats with a good amount of water and choosing the right one is very important. A good waterer will keep goats’ water fresh and clean always by preventing dirt from entering into the water. With proper hydration, goats can produce better quality wool, meat, and milk.

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What is an Automatic Goat Waterer?

An automatic goat waterer is a tool that enables goats to consume an adequate amount of clean water. This tool ensures that goats consume fresh water always. With this kind of waterer, water contamination will become a thing of the past. Automatic waterers prevent water from becoming contaminated, they provide clean fresh water every time.

Features to Consider when Selecting Goat Waterers

There are various features you need to consider when selecting a goat waterer. These features help you to know what you want since there are several goat waterers in the market. It is important that you select a goat waterer that will meet all your requirements.

Selecting a goat waterer might not be very easy, but if you are equipped with the right information, everything comes easily. The features discussed below will guide in selecting a goat waterer.


Goat waterer differs in capacity, i.e the amount of water they can hold. If you have just one goat, you don’t need a big size waterer. For people rearing many goats, a waterer with large capacity will serve your goats well. Ensure you go for a goat waterer that take the adequate amount of water your goat needs.


Although most goat waterers are made of plastic, some bowls are made of stainless steel. It is important that you consider the material of the water bowl. Plastic material is the best choice since they are durable and do not become extremely hot when the weather is hot. Ensure the plastic is BPA free. Stainless steel bowls are not good for hot weathers, they make the water too hot for goats to drink.

Type of bowls:

You should also consider a heated waterer for your goats. This is the perfect choice for people staying in colder regions. A goat waterer that features a heated drinking bowl will make water drinkable for your goats during winter. In the wintertime, water freezes and becomes ice, so you need a waterer that can heat your goat’s water.

Waterers with heaters require electricity to function. If you don’t have any source of electricity, you can also consider thermo source drinkers. These types of waterers don’t need electricity to function.

The number of goats:

This is a very important feature you need to consider when selecting a goat waterer. If you have many goats, a waterer that allows your goats to drink at the same time is ideal. You can go for a large and broad waterer that gives room for many goats to drink.

Why you need a Goat Waterer

It is important that goats have access to clean and safe drinking water to remain healthy. Water must be clean enough for goats to drink because contaminated water can cause water-borne diseases in goats. The most efficient means of providing goats with water is automatic waterers to ensure adequate consumption of water.

Generally, goats take 4-5 liters of water daily while about 10 liters of water is needed daily when lactating. Automatic waterers provide clean and fresh waters for goats every time. A goat waterer helps you to achieve the following:

Keeps your goat hydrated

Goat waterers ensure that your goats are hydrated all the time. Dehydration can lead to death if care is not taken. It is very important that you keep your goat hydrated all the time. Since you might not be around all the time to provide water for your goats it is important you get automatic goat waterers.

Keeps your goat healthy

Goat waterers provide an adequate amount of clean water for your goat. Clean water keeps goats healthy and protects them from some diseases. You should provide your goats with adequate water based on body weight, pregnancy, and lactation.  

Provides clean fresh water

Contaminated water is not ideal for your goat’s health. If you want to keep healthy goats you need to provide clean fresh water for them. Automatic waterers prevent dirt from getting into your goat’s water. water should be clean enough to encourage consumption. Water cleanliness is essential when rearing goats.

Saves time

With a goat waterer, you don’t need to give your goats water all the time, this waterer ensures that your goat gets a good amount of water.

How to Clean a Goat Waterer

You should always ensure that your goat waterer is kept clean all the time. If it is not cleaned or disinfected on a regular basis this could lead to water-borne diseases in your goats. If you have automatic goat waterers, you need to ensure they are clean and also working in good condition.

The goal of cleaning your goat’s waterer is to ensure it takes clean water all the time. Goats will reject unclean or contaminated water and this might leads to dehydration. When cleaning goat waterers you need to choose a suitable disinfectant. Some disinfectants are not safe for your goats. If you don’t know how to clean your goat’s waterer, you can follow these steps:

  • You need to drain the water and ensure the waterer is empty.
  • Use a brush to scrub the water bowl. Scrub until it is entirely clean and free of any slime. Slime develops in a water bowl due to bacteria buildup. When bacteria build up, they develop a slippery and slimy feeling. You can use detergent to scrub the bowl properly.
  • After that, rinse the bowl with clean water before disinfecting it. Organic substances like feed, manure, and bedding often reduce the effectiveness of disinfectants, a major reason you need to wash the bowl properly before adding disinfectant.
  • Rinse the bowl thoroughly to ensure that the disinfectant is completely removed from the bowl. Rinse with clean water until it is perfectly clean.

Why Clean Water is Important

selecting a goat waterer

A clean waterer can only be effective when you put in clean water. It is important that you test your water sources for any bacterial contamination yearly. Testing the quality of the water you provide your goat is very essential to keep them healthy. The quality of water can vary throughout the year. If you notice changes in the smell or color of the water you give to your goats, you should test the quality of that water.

Water analysis is very important especially for well water. It is important that you monitor the quality of water since there are several factors that can lead to water contamination. It is recommended that the source of water supply should be clean enough for goats to drink. Therefore, ensure that your goats have access to safe drinking water all the time.

Related Questions

How do I clean a goat waterer? A goat waterer should be clean regularly with disinfectant. To clean a water bowl, use detergent and water to scrub the bowl thoroughly. After you have done that, you should use a disinfectant to remove any bacteria and slime in the bowl. It is important that you keep your goat’s waterer clean all the time to avoid water-borne diseases. Even if the source of water supply is clean, a dirty waterer will cause diseases.

How do I give my kid goat water? Same with adult goats, kids also require some water. Although, they get some hydration during nursing or when being bottle fed, but the earlier water is introduced to them, the better. Keep a bowl down low for the kids so they can check it out. All you need is just a little water.


Water is meant for survival. It is very essential for goats to stay alive, healthy, and strong. It is important that you provide goats with clean water so as to encourage water intake. Goats can reject contaminated water and as such become dehydrated. However, a suitable and reliable goat waterer will ensure that your goats get an adequate amount of clean water all the time.

Selecting a goat waterer is one of the ways to care for your livestock. A good goat waterer is one that meets all your requirements. There are several goat waterers available, but you need to choose the ideal one for your goats. This article will help you in selecting a goat waterer that offers you great features.

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