How to Select Waterer for Cats

Cats are very selective and known to be very resistant to thirst. However, like humans, they need water to stay healthy and free from dehydration. This article will enlighten you on factors you need to consider when selecting waterer for cats. It will also provide you with tips regarding the location of your cats’ water bowls.

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Cats display different personalities and preferences. Their eating and drinking habits vary greatly. A waterer that may work for one cat may not work for the other. Proper knowledge about your cats’ preferences and personality is important. When selecting a suitable waterer for your cats, you should be guided by the following:

  1. Knowledge about your cat
  2. Waterer Depth
  3. The material of the Waterer
  4. State of Water within the waterer (standing or running)

Did You Know That Cats are Tolerant of Thirst?

Before we discuss in detail the factors that determine your selection for a cat waterer, did you know that cats can stay longer without feeling thirsty?

If cats’ water isn’t the right amount, for instance, it’s too warm or they don’t like the vessel they are drinking from. They might as well decide to go without drinking at all. How interesting!

Equally, most cats will ignore their waterers for reasons that only cat keepers can tell. This is why selecting the right waterer for your cat is vital. Before purchasing a waterer for your cats, you must be knowledgeable about their feeding and drinking habits.

Before you choose the best waterer that suits your cats’ needs, think about their personalities and their eating habits and drinking preferences.

Cats want clean and odor-free water. Just like human beings, cats have their preferences and unique personalities.  Let’s get more insight into the key factors you need to consider before purchasing a waterer for your cats.

Selecting Waterer for Cats

When selecting waterer for cats, it’s important that you keenly consider the following;

#1. Knowledge about Your Cats when choosing a waterer

As a cat owner, understanding your cats’ personalities is important before selecting a suitable waterer for them. While some cats “mind” how they move, other cats can be clumsy and will require more robust and heavier water bowls.

Some cats will feel comfortable drinking on wider water bowls especially when they have long whiskers. With cats, you just can’t know what exactly works unless you try and monitor their reactions.

How does your cat drink water?

Cat Water GIF by Cheezburger - Find & Share on GIPHY

Selecting waterer for cats is, therefore, much easier if you fully understand your cats’ personality. If for instance, your cat loves drinking from a tap, a fountain waterer will be your perfect choice.

In making a selection of which waterer works best for your cats, you’ll have to focus on the following:

#2. The Cat Waterer Depth

Fussy cats will probably have something to do with the depth of their waterers. Some will like drinking from shallow dishes, while others will hate shallow bowls. To select the best depth for your cats, consider investigating what depth they are comfortable with.

As a rule of thumb, shallow dishes will require that you top up water more often than deeper waterers. Based on your cats’ preferences, make sure the depth of the drinking bowls is considered while selecting what is best for them. 

#3. Selecting Cat Waterer Material

Different cat waterer materials have different properties. Some properties may be linked to durability while others to smell. Remember: cats are very sensitive to smell. Let’s explore some of these materials:

a. Metallic Cat Waterer

Most metallic cat waterers or bowls are made of stainless steel. This makes them durable, very easy to clean, resistant to corrosion, and odorless. Most of them are light in weight. To ensure they are not easily knocked over, consider those with wider bases for desired stability. When the weather is warm, these waterers will ensure that your cats’ water stays cool. This makes them highly suitable for the summer months.

b. Ceramic or Glass Cat Waterers:

These are highly popular and designed to provide standing water for your cats. Most of them are stable and don’t get easily knocked over. They are very affordable, and the material allows for easy cleaning.

c. Plastic Cat Waterers:

These are one of the cheapest or affordable types of cat waterers in the market. Their qualities vary based on brands or designs. They, however, have their ugly sides: they absorb odor, can easily be knocked over by your cats. Further, if not properly handled or kept, they can easily crack

#4. The state of water (Standing or Running)

Most cat keepers like to leave standard bowls of water for their cats with the hope and impression that cats would drink when thirsty. Because of what we’ve seen above about cats having different eating and drinking personalities, leaving a bowl of water without much consideration can leads to your cats going without drinking a drop of water for days.

Because of this, it is wise to investigate if the cats breed you keep likes running or calm water in a drinking vessel. Once you have determined their preferences, it is easy to select what fits them.

 Naturally, reluctant cat drinkers are usually tempted to drink from running water in a waterer than from a settling water waterer.  While selecting your ideal cat waterer, consider factors such as water fountain, which will help you, determine the best water state of your cats’ waterer.

When selecting water for cats, you have an option to either go for a standard cat bowl, cat waterer with a dispenser or a cat waterer with a fountain.

a. Standard Cat Bowl | Bowl Cat Waterer

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This is a standard bowl specifically designed for cats, and less costly. If your cat is not choosy and doesn’t mind drinking standing water, this will be your best and affordable choice. Cats being sensitive to smell, changing the water regularly is advised. Cats love their water cool and fresh!

b. Cat Waterer with Dispenser

A cat waterer with a dispenser is an improved version of the standard cat water bowl. With this type of a waterer, the water level will be maintained by an upright plastic water-bottle that the waterer is attached to. As your cat drinks, water from the upright bottle moves to keep the water level the same. You don’t have to manually top-up the bowl.

This is a suitable option if you are often out of the house and want to ensure that your cat’s water needs are well taken care of.

c. Selecting Cat Waterer with Fountain

selecting waterer for cats | Cat fountain water

Some cats just find standing water too boring to drink! If your cat belongs to this class, you need to go for a cat water bowl with a fountain. It’s however important that your chosen solution comes with suitable filters to ensure that your cats get fresh and clean water that’s free from particles.

Tips on Where Should You Place Your Cat’s Water Bowl?

After successfully selecting a suitable waterer for your cats, you must station them in a suitable place.

1. Place it on a quiet Place:

Cats enjoy their drink or even food when in a quiet place free from traffic. Select a room or a calm area such as a hallway or in any peaceful location where they’ll feel relaxed and at home! Depending on the activities within your kitchen, it can be a suitable place for your cats’ drinking bowl.

2. Select a Permanent Location

Establish a particular permanent place for your cats’ waterer or drinking bowl. Moving your cats’ drinking bowls in different places now and then will affect their drinking habits. Let your cats develop a relaxing drinking habit by ensuring that their drinking water is served in only one location: their defined territory!

3. Keep the Waterer Away from Litter Boxes

Cats are known to be clean animals. Don’t underestimate their high standards of hygiene by placing their waterers near a litter box!

To ensure that your cats’ water remains fresh, clean, and free from contamination, keep litter boxes away from the waterers. This is a good precaution to ensure that the cats are not exposed to the risks of drinking contaminated water.

4. Keep Water Bowls Separate from Your Cat’s Food

Do not place your cats’ food near or close to their water bowls. No matter how well-prepared the food is, its smell will interfere with your cats’ water-drinking joy! You must, therefore, have both the cats’ food and waterers on completely different locations.

5. Consider other Pets

waterer for cats | Cat drinking water

You don’t want your cat’s water to be exposed to your dogs or other pets. When your cat detects that the water has a dog or a hen’s smell, it will boycott drinking! Place the waterer on a higher level so that only your cat can access it to drink in peace.

If you have more than one cat, make sure you have a water bowl for each of them, even if they tend to share. Better yet, leave water bowls and several points throughout your house, so your cat always has somewhere quiet to drink wherever they are.

6. Waterer Location Transition

Should you opt to move your cats’ current waterer to a new location, set up different water within the new location! Let your cats feel they are special and being served in two locations! Well, after a few days, you can now remove the original water bowl from its location. The cats will have adjusted accordingly to their new location.

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