Mechanized Feeders for Puppies

Having a puppy in your home is a lovely thing and most people really love to have one. They are lovely pets that really count on their owners to treat them right and cater for them properly. They need to be fed with the right nutrients so foods given to them especially for the first six months of their lives must be proper. To save users the stress of feeding their pets from time to time, they could simply buy mechanized feeders for puppies.

What are mechanized feeders for puppies? Mechanized feeders for puppies are specially designed to help pet owners balance between their daily life activities and being a great pet owner. These special feeders will also ensure your puppy gets the right nutrients for their overall health and well-being.


These feeders can be set to deliver food at specific time periods to ensure your pets don’t starve. Lets quick go into the five best mechanized feeders for puppies. During life’s developmental stages, a puppy’s eating habits could dictate the remaining parts of her life. They have to be given the right brands, right rations, and at specific periods. If the following guidelines are followed, you’ll surely have a dog that will grow into a big healthy and happy dog.

Quick Picks

Mechanized Feeders for PuppiesIdeal For
PetSafe Smart Feed Mechanized Feeder for puppies It can customize about 12 meals; works with WiFi, and comes with a removable
steel bowl that can be maintained and cleaned easily
Arf Pets Mechanized Feeder for Puppies Easily maintained and cleaned; operates quietly; your meal call can be recorded
WOPET Portion Control Mechanized Feeder for Puppies Detachable design that has a large capacity. Comes with 12-month warranty
AmazonBasics Gravity Mechanized Feeders for Puppies Clear and transparent design that has a large storage. It also features zero moving parts
BELOPEZZ 6 Liters Mechanized Feeders for Puppies It is affordable. It has a durable frame as well as an audio recorder

5 Best Mechanized Feeders for Puppies with Reviews

PetSafe Smart Feed Mechanized Feeder for puppies

If you’ve been searching for a smart way to feed your puppy then the PetSafe Smart Feed Mechanized Feeder for puppies is for you.

This feeder has smartphone capabilities ensuring pet owners can control the feeder from wherever they are using their phones. It can also be programmed to meet specific time schedules to ensure owners monitor the eating habits of their puppy.

It can also work with WiFi, allowing users to operate it wirelessly anytime you have an internet connection close by.


  • It can customize about 12 meals
  • Works with WiFi, meaning you can easily use your Smartphone for operation
  • Steel bowl is removable and can be maintained and cleaned easily


  • Terrible customer service
  • Complaints about the product on Amazon

Arf Pets Mechanized Feeder for Puppies

Arf Pets Mechanized Feeder for Puppies

If you are bothered about leaving your puppy at home for work, then keep calm, because the Arf Pets Mechanized Feeder for Puppies is here to ease your worries.

This feeder ensures that your puppy is fed about four times daily when you out for your daily activities. It has a meal call option as well that can be recorded so your puppy can feel your presence just by hearing your voice.

It also comes with a magnetic lock. This is to ensure your puppy doesn’t gain access to where the food is stored. It also has an LED screen to help you know if the settings are properly set.


  • Easily maintained and cleaned
  • Operates quietly
  • Your meal call can be recorded


  • Some verified buyers complained about the feeder

WOPET Portion Control Mechanized Feeder for Puppies

One great thing about the WOPET Portion Control Mechanized Feeder for Puppies is that it features a built-in timer that can be programmed to help automate the daily meals of your puppy.

It also features an LCD screen to help you enter the schedule of each meal with ease. Having said this, there’s no need worrying about an interruption of power and your puppy getting starved since thus mechanized feeder has the support of battery power and wall.

For every feeding, a portion size can be programmed. It also comes with an audio recording feature where you can record your voice, then it plays during each meal to make your puppy feel your presence.


  • It has a large capacity
  • 12-month warranty
  • Detachable design


  • Some customers complained about the product

AmazonBasics Gravity Mechanized Feeders for Puppies

The AmazonBasics Gravity Mechanized Feeders for Puppies is a budget-friendly option for you with its quality not compromised.

One great feature here is that the package comes with both a feeder and a waterer, meaning you don’t have to go shopping for a waterer separately. You can also decide to buy just one out of the two packages, at half its normal price.

It can hold about 12 pounds of food (dry) and is made of transparent plastic to help pet owners know when the food is getting exhausted. The design is simple, so you can clean it easily.


  • Clear and transparent design
  • Large storage
  • Features zero moving parts


  • Some buyers had some complaints about the product

BELOPEZZ 6 Liters Mechanized Feeders for Puppies

The BELOPEZZ 6 Liters Mechanized Feeders for Puppies comes with a setting that prevents unnecessary feeding. Asides from this, it informs puppy owners about the quantity of food left or if your puppy was well fed.

There are sensors that detect excessive or low food levels and depending on the type of setup, can stop feeding. Its dispenser comes in two sizes: large and small.

It is great for all dog sizes especially puppies and can dispense up to four meals daily, set at specific times. A 10-second message in audio form can be recorded and played during each feeding time.


  • It is affordable
  • It has a durable frame
  • Audio recorder


  • Some customers complained about the product

Buying Guide

Quantity of Food to Feed your Puppy

As a puppy owner, you have to get yourself a happy medium. Overfeeding your dog is not what you want, to prevent him from being overweight. The fact is that overfeeding your puppy could cause some serious health issues along the line. The same way, you wouldn’t want him to be starved.

The majority of food cans and bags for dogs usually give some general tips and ideas on the quantity to feed your puppy but keeping an eye as well as figuring exactly the needs of your puppy becomes your responsibility. Generally, puppies need to be fed about ¼ cup to 1 ½ cups of food every day; however, this still depends on the type of breed you have as a pet.

Type of Food Required by Puppies

For your puppy’s first year, it is widely recommended that puppy owners should make use of specially designed food for puppies. Feeding your puppy with food meant for adult dogs could be a dangerous move because this food lacks the proper nutrients required by a puppy.

Foods meant for puppies are usually rich in protein (composed of about 28% – 30%) and have the right quantity of minerals and vitamins to support the development of their bones. The best foods designed for puppies come with a certification label from the AAFC – Association of American Feed Control Officials or the NRC – National Research Council.

How Frequent should my Puppy be Fed?

During the first six months, you should feed your puppy with at least three meals daily. This is great, partly due to the fact that they cannot consume much during one sitting and also because this will be okay for their health, energy, and metabolism. However, how will all these be possible with your work and busy schedules?

Using Mechanized Feeders for Puppies

If feeding your puppy three times daily has become a problem due to your busy schedule or day to day activities, you don’t need to worry. This doesn’t mean you are a bad person; it simply means you have a life. Fortunately, you can balance the two: Have your life and still be one of the best pet owners out there, by making use of mechanized feeders for puppies.

These mechanized feeders for puppies go a long way to feed your puppy very often, the way it is required. The only thing you need to do is to program these feeders to release food to your puppy at specific time periods. Using this method will surely make your life as a pet owner easier, most especially if your puppy is one requiring lots of care and attention.    

Related Questions

What times are best to feed my puppy? 7 a.m. is the best time to give your puppy his first meal. For lunch, its during noontime, while for dinner, it should be around 5 pm. The last meal at 5 pm is to ensure that this food is digested on time before he goes to bed.

Can my 8-week old puppy be given treats? Treats given to adult dogs may not be suitable for puppies because their teeth are not big enough. You should give them treats that suit their smaller mouths and is small enough to chew.


When choosing the right mechanized feeder for your puppy, you need to go for the very best to ensure your puppy is not starved or overfed. Getting the right one gives you the assurance that your puppy is doing fine even when you are out for work. With this review and guide, we hope you make the best decision.

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