Selecting a Waterer for Dogs

Dogs like drinking water as much as they like playing in it. This is especially observable during hot weather as the water functions by helping them regulate their body temperature. Aside from that, water also serves our dogs generally by keeping them healthy, specifically their skin and fur. For these reasons, we should exert conscious efforts in keeping our dogs hydrated all the time. In line with this, we should as well do some objective weighing up in selecting a waterer for dogs.

To select waterer for dogs, we need to know first basically how much our dogs typically drink. This is in relation to their size – at least an ounce for every pound of dog weight. With that, we will have a vague idea of the size of the waterer we ought to select. Aside from that, we should consider as well the material that is used to make the waterer. Apparently, we want to be careful about plastic-made ones as they may contain BPA and other toxins.

Moreover, we should consider as well whether we are opting for a manual or an automatic waterer. Automatic waterers offer more advanced features like filters or free-falling or recirculating water streams. The fall- or fountain-looking operations of these waterers will attract our dogs and encourage them to drink more water. The manual ones, conversely, will require quite a bit of labor for frequent filling and cleaning.

A lot of us might not have that much luxury of time and relaxing and peaceful hours. This is as we carry several responsibilities in our respective lives, including our responsibilities to our pets. However, it does not mean that we have to sacrifice one for the other, especially not our pets. This means that we have to keep giving them enough attention, food, and water. The water is crucial in the sense that it contributes much to our dogs’ performance. Thus, we should take careful deliberations in selecting a waterer for dogs.

Dog Size

It is important that we know how much water our dogs need. Of course, we cannot pinpoint for sure by observing, but we can rely on the basic rule of thumb. It says that every average dog drinks roughly an ounce of water for every pound of their body weight every day. However, it is better to add some extra, especially when the temperature is hot for the day. With this information, we can now know exactly how big a waterer we want when selecting a waterer for dogs.

Waterer Size and Capacity

This is closely related to the previous one. Of course, big dog means big waterer if we want that the water we provide our dogs to be enough. This should also save us a lot of time of effort by reducing the frequency of our refilling visits. Aside from the size, the number of dogs present in our homes should similarly influence the waterer size we choose. Multiple dogs should, of course, call for a bigger waterer unit, and a smaller one for a single dog accordingly.

As a rule of thumb, a waterer should hold enough water that could last at least 24 hours. 36 or 48 hours are also preferable, but never longer than that. Apparently, like humans, dogs also tend to hate on water that has been sitting for a long time. This is why to address this concern; automatic water dispensers are made. But going back to size, there still might be a tendency that a waterer holds not enough water. For this, an alternative would be acquiring bowls or waterer units for our big or multiple dogs at home.

Waterer Type

We have two major options when selecting a waterer for dogs in terms of type and functions. These are manual dog waterer or bowls or automatic water dispensers or fountains. The manual one obviously is the ordinary bowls that we have to fill in a couple of times per day. We should also clean this up more frequently as dogs have the tendency to treat it sometimes as a toy. On the other hand, automatic waterers save us from frequent filling and cleaning. However, they might cost quite a bit more than the manual waterers. But we can consider it as a good investment considering the convenience it offers.

Waterer Material

The material is one of the default considerations upon selecting a waterer for dogs. Apparently, waterers, both manual and automatic, come in a few different materials. These include plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel. The major concern when it comes to the matter of material is the quality of the plastic. It is highly advised that we read the label, if any, for any BPA and toxins. We do not want our dogs to ingest dangerous chemicals through their waterer.

Moreover, automatic water dispensers have improved features in line with their build and material. For one, some have antimicrobial protection that aids in preventing the development of bacteria and odors. Thus, if we want to invest in automatic waterers, we might as well check for this feature. After all, we only want the best for our dear fur babies.

Waterer Design and Appearance

Manual dog bowls, obviously, are just bowls, ordinary and nothing too special. They may come in cute shapes and colors, though. On the other hand, the design and appearance of automatic waterers go beyond shape and color. Most of them have free-falling water streams or water fountains that make them more interesting. The best thing about that is that it attracts our pets so that they are encouraged to drink more water.

In addition, wouldn’t we want our waterers to only add to the aesthetic of the interior of our homes? For this, waterer manufacturers have designed units to look attractive and stylish for our taste. Thus, not only are our dogs the ones that are being served by the waterers but also us, owners as well. So when visitors come by, we would not get stressed by hiding or quickly washing dirty dog bowls.

Noise for Automatic Waterers

If we are purchasing automatic waterers, chances are we have quite a hectic daily schedule. Perhaps, a big part of this schedule is occupied by a tiring nine to five jobs, for instance. Thus, when we get home, we would like it very much to just keep ourselves relaxed. However, we cannot really do this when our dogs keep bothering us for food or water. 

Aside from that, with automatic waterers, chances are they might be quite noisy during the course of their operation. Therefore, it is likely to bother us when all we need is some peace and quiet. Also, the noise may also frighten our pets and may put them off of drinking from them. Of course, this would defeat the very purpose of why opted for them upon selecting a waterer for dogs. For all that has been said, we should thus check whether an automatic waterer makes minimal noise. This should be done naturally before we spend our money on that purchase.

Filters for Automatic Waterers

It has already been mentioned how dogs tend to refuse water that has been sitting for a while. Other than that, they might also refuse dirty and un-fresh water. Naturally, we do not want our dogs constantly refusing water as they might get dehydrated after a long time. Therefore, we should keep providing them only clean and freshwater, which is done for us by automatic waterers.

Apparently, most automatic waterers have replaceable filters that remove dirt and other chemicals from the water. Because of that, they make the water consistently fresh as well as improve its natural taste. 

Related Questions

What makes elevated dog bowls special?

Elevated dog bowls are those that are placed on metal, wood, or plastic stands. According to experts, elevated feedings prevent gastrointestinal problems from dogs. Generally, it is typically healthier and more comfortable with dogs, especially for large dog breeds. The downside, however, for elevated dog bowls, is that they can be quite expensive. But it is definitely worth the price. It means that our dogs are feeding well and are kept healthy.

Moreover, elevated bowls have convenient features that are unique to them. For one, they may come with a food storage compartment for our convenience. Ideally, they should be placed near the wall to avoid tipping, especially if our dogs tend to paw at their bowls.

How can we keep our dogs hydrated during winter?

As during all the other seasons, we should keep providing our dogs with water during winter. We can provide them with our own warm water so that they do not have to drink it cold. However, during winter, water naturally freezes, making our dogs unable to drink from their waterers if placed outdoors. However, there are automatic waterers that are made with thermal material. These waterers are designed so that heat is maintained even at extremely low temperatures. Therefore, automatic waterers or fountains will keep dispensing un-frozen water even when placed outdoors.

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